Wonder Woman #31 (New 52) – 1:25 Allred Batman 66 Variant

Wonder Woman #31 Mike Allred VariantWelcome back to all my family and friends and thanks for checking back on this Friday! Today I give you a variant, and actually a family of variants that are slowly starting to climb up the ranks. These are the Allred Batman '66 variants, released in the DC New 52 in July of 2014. All were 1:25 variants. The one in particular that I am looking at is the Wonder Woman #31 variant. As she becomes more and more mainstream, it seems like her variants are being scooped up at a lighting speed. And this one is no different. It also helped that at the time, the Wonder Woman print run was getting lower and no one was picking up her book.

There is a few on the bay and ‘zon, but don't expect to find these for cheap. Expect to drop anywhere from $50 – $100. In terms of total print run, at the time, there were about 35k Wonder Woman comics printed. So, technically speaking, there should be about 1200-1300 of these out there. The big problem with this is I am sure I can count on one hand the number of stores that actually ordered 25 issues of Wonder Woman at the time. I honestly would not be surprised if there were 500 of these out there. Get your camouflage on and get hunting.

Happy Hunting Fellas!

Ok, here's an Easter treat for you. If you are feeling adventurous, go look for the Batwoman #31 variant also. Have a great Easter!


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