Time To Hunt: Wal-Mart DC Exclusives


Thanks to CBSI member Derek L for this awesome tip this morning. He went to a local Wal-Mart and was able to find some Wal-Mart exclusive DC New 52 variants in the trading card aisle. They are definitely different prints than anything we have seen so far.  Derek is quoted as saying “This is DC answer to the Marvel 5 Below packs. There is a reprint of Batman, Harley Quinn, Detective Comics, Justice League, Superman, Flash, and Scooby Doo with 2 random DC comics.” He added the photos from below in his post which show the difference between the Batman #1 1st print and the Wal-Mart variant. Keep in mind there are thousands of Wal-Mart stores that these might be sitting in. Might not be rare, but they could be……Who knows what the 2 random comics might provide as well. CBSI members are already out in droves ready to put these on eBay. I wouldn't be surprised if we get accused of working with Wal-Mart  : )

I expect the Batman, Harley and Justice League to be the ones people buy up first. It seems that there are less Flash and Scooby Doo available from what members are saying. Take that with a grain of salt if you will.

Matt DeVoe has added that only SuperCenters are carrying them from his research.

Will update this post with more photos and information as the day/week goes one. Pretty cool regardless.

CBSI is killing it this week.

Thanks again Derek L for his information and photos.





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