We Missed You Hissed the Lying Cat

Femmes Fatales of the Fantastic VarietySaga 018-000You know that term “spirit animal”? As in “David Lynch/ Christy Mack/ Taco Bell cinnamon twists are my spirit animal.” Everyone’s heard a variation of this term, but have you ever heard of a super awesome wowie-zowie soul animal? Well this week, I’m going to tell you all about mine. Not lying!

4d2798299608ef665818f67bf1b2772eShe’s the best pet and wing woman around, Lying Cat. Saga has several awesome female characters, as everyone has read. But we forget about how great Lying Cat is, and how much recognition she deserves. A sidekick to The Will, she resembles a blue-green oversized sphynx cat with some pretty blingin’ gold accessories. Lying Cat is the runt of her litter, and everyone knows that runts are the best. Also, she makes The Will’s job as a bounty hunter a lot easier, being able to detect whether or not someone is lying to him. Think of how spiffy that would be to have a creature that can see right through someone’s deceitfulness, and be able to tell you. In fact, that’s the only thing this sassy feline can say. For a creature with a vocabulary limited to two words, she is a master at communicating her feelings.

2450820-lyingcatWe first meet her in Saga #1, and it is immediately apparent how huge her personality is. She is always at The Will’s side, though it is unclear how the pair came together. She disapproves of a lot of what her master does, but her love shines through despite her disapproving looks. One of the best examples of this signature look is the cover of Saga #18. Ca-lassic blue kitty, am I right?  is also a fierce fighter, and can turn from adorable to savage in less than a second. Though it is never stated in the series, Lying Cat is clearly empathetic, which is understandable seeing as how she always possesses one enormous and priceless skill. It’s a skill that animals just have an uncanny way of possessing. I always say if my dog doesn’t like you, I don’t like you.

lyingcatSide characters make a story, there’s no two ways about it. Obviously Lying Cat is one of a kind, but it would be nice to see more bad ass female animals in comics. There are some pretty great critters, but the majority of them are male. If you search “animal characters in comics”, most lists will have nothing but male creatures. Why is this? I vote for more lady animals as sidekicks, and more animals in general. I mean, even Daredevil himself is a fan of Lying Cat. Daredevil #3, released in May of 2014, has Matt Murdock respond to a villain trying to to attack him mid-fight with “Lying Cat says “lying”, try again.” So Netflix, maybe throw that in an episode just for spits and gigs, yeah?

lyingish-cat-575x429Also, animals resonate with people like nothing else can. Opening up storylines and series to having more animals would just give stories an extra layer of depth, because we connect to animals differently than we do people. I personally have a sphynx cat that is almost the same color as Lying Cat, and it just really bumps up my love for her to a whole new level. Especially because of her signature facial expressions. You know that unique looks your dog, cat, or snake gives you? Imagine seeing that in print, because certain breeds have looks that are all their own.

So, Lying Cat is the baddest cat in comics? Not lying. Strange how two words can sum a fact up so well. Here’s to this pale kitty hopefully stemming a new wave of critters in comics, and until then, stay truthful and bow down to da cat.


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