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Justice League Movie Series

Part 2 Bang! Pow! Crash! Batman

1st Appearance – Detective Comics #27
1st Silver Age Appearance – Batman #103
Joined Justice League – Brave and the Bold #28

With a scheduled release date of November 17th, 2017, Justice League: Part One is set to knock audiences off their feet. As we get closer to the release of the movie, the anticipation dwells.

Batman is arguably the most popular superhero of all time, and with his history arises a mystique that drives deep. Published in May 1939 and created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, Detective Comics #27 featured the 1st Appearance of The Batman.

The 1st Silver Age Appearance of Batman stirs up some debate. The consensus is that October 1956 kicked off the Silver Age and the post code super hero era. Logically, since ages are measured in time, October 1956 is when the Silver Age for comics began. Batman #103 was the first time Batman appeared in the Silver Age. Therefore, Batman #103 is the 1st Silver Age Appearance of Batman.

Below is a list of notable alternate versions of Batman:

Let's start off with two alternate universe books. An outstanding read and featuring the 1st App of Steampunk Batman is Gotham by Gaslight. Superman Red Son is the 1st App of Anarchist Batman.
One of my favorite takes on Batman is Prehistoric Batman, whose 1st App is in Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne #1. Throwing it all the way back to Batman #113, we have the 1st App of Zur-En-Arrh AKA Psycho Batman.
About as epic as it gets, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #1 features the 1st App of The Dark Knight. Batman & Dracula: Red Rain features the 1st App of Red Rain Batman. Check this book out for a very interesting take on Batman.
Headlining the animated versions of Batman we have the undervalued Batman Adventures #1, featuring the 1st App of Animated Batman in comics. A book that's been trending up for a while is Batman Beyond #1, which is the 1st App of Terry McGinnis AKA Batman Beyond.
It took some research to find this one, but Spies, Spoofs & Super Guys #1 from Dell (oddly) is the 1st App of Batman '66 AKA Adam West in comics. Good luck finding high grades of this book, esp at a decent price when collectors start catching on to this one. Kingdom Come #1 is the 1st App of Kingdom Come Batman.
And now we move on to a few characters who have stepped in as Batman. Batman #489 is the 1st App of Azrael as Batman, and also the 2nd App of Bane. A hot book for a while now and becoming very tough to find in the wild is Batman #666, which features the 1st App of Damian Wayne as Batman.
Countdown #30 is the 1st App of Jason Todd as Batman and Batman #512 is the 1st App of Dick Grayson as Batman.
Flashpoint: Batman Knight of Vengeance #1 is the 1st App of Thomas Wayne as Batman. Featuring a sweet cover is JLA #8, which is the 1st App of Tim Drake as Batman. Dang, that's a lot of Batmans!

Recommended Reading

      • Batman Chronicles: Vol. 1
        Collects Detective Comics #27-#38, and Batman #1.
      • Batman: The Killing Joke
        Original Graphic Novel.
      • Batman: A Death in the Family
        Collects Batman #426-#429.
      • Batman: Under the Hood: Vol #1
        Collects Batman #635-#641.
      • Batman: Hush
        Collects Batman #608-#619.
      • Batman: The Dark Knight Returns TPB
        Collects Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #1-#4.
        Foreword by Alan Moore.
      • Batman: Year One
        Collects Batman #404-#407



Batman has a ton of great variants out there and it was very hard to choose which ones to pick for this area. I excluded any and all DKIII Master Race variants. There are so many out there going for ridiculous prices (especially the high ratio variants), that a separate article could be written on those alone.

Batman #608 (1st part of the Hush story line) has two sought after variants in the Jim Lee 2nd Print Variant cover and the BIG ONE, the Batman #608 RRP Jim Lee Variant. A variant on the rise is the Batman #655 Andy Kubert Variant which features the 1st Cameo of Damian Wayne. From the New 52 we have the Batman Vol 2 #1 Ethan Van Sciver Variant (highlighted in my Ethan Van Sciver article) and the 1:200 Sketch Variant, both books featuring the 1st Cameo of Harper Row. Continuing in the New 52 we have the Batman Vol 2 #2 Jim Lee 1:25 Variant and lastly but definitely not least, the Detective Vol 2 #27 1:100 Jason Fabok Variant.

As always, thanks for reading, and yes, I do still believe in heroes!

And remember that in a battle between Batman and Superman, Wonder Woman would win!


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