Post Bronze Age Investing: The Big Three

We go back to my picks for Post Bronze Age investing (check out the first part published last week), this time focusing on DC, Image and Marvel:


Batman & Related

BATMAN ADVENTURES MAD LOVEBatman #357 : 1st Jason Todd, 1st Killer Croc
Detective Comics #880 : Classic Jock Cover
Batman #1 (New 52) : 1st Issue
Batman Adventures #12 : 1st Harley Quinn
Batman Adventures Mad Love : Harley Quinn Origin
Birds of Prey #8 : Classic Batgirl & Nightwing kiss/date issue


Sandman #8Fables #1
Preacher Preview & #1 : 1st Issue and major character Appearances.
Sandman #1: 1st Modern Sandman (Morpheus)
Sandman #8: 1st Modern Death(DCU)
Swamp Thing #20 : 1st Alan Moore Issue
Swamp Thing #37 : 1st full appearance of Constantine
Y: That Last Man #1 : 1st Issue


New Teen Titans #2 (1st Deathstroke)

DC Comics Presents #26 : 1st New Teen Titans
DC Comics Presents #47: 1st Masters Of The Universe
Omega Men #3 : 1st Lobo
Teen Titans(New) #2 : 1st Deathstroke
Teen Titans(Tales of) #44 : 1st Appearance of Nightwing
Wonder Woman #141 : Classic AH Cover
Wonder Woman #184 : Classic AH Cover


Walking Dead #19Saga #1 : 1st Issue
Walking Dead #1 : 1st Rick Grimes
Walking Dead #19 : 1st Michonne
Walking Dead #92 : 1st Full Jesus


Amazing Spider-Man

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #361#238 : 1st Hobgoblin
#252 : Ties for 1st Black Suit Spidey
Secret Wars #8 : Origin of Black Suit
#298 : 1st McFarlane Spidey
#299 : 1st Venom Cameo
#300 : 1st Full Venom
#344 : 1st Cletus Cassidy
#361 : 1st Carnage
#429 : Classic Silver Surfer & Carnage Cover
#430 : Classic Carnage Silver Surfer Board Cover
#569 : 1st Anti Venom
#601, 606 & 607 : Classic JSC MJ and Black Cat Covers
#654 & 654.1 : 1st Appearance new Venom

X-Men & Related

Incredible Hulk #340

Incredible Hulk : #340 : Classic McFarlane Wolverine Cover
New Mutants #87 : 1st Cable
New Mutants #98 : 1st Deadpool
New Mutants Annual #2 : Psylocke
Wolverine #10 : Sabretooth Battle / Classic Cover
X-Factor #6 : 1st Full Apocalypse
X-Factor #24 : 1st Archangel
Uncanny X-Men #266 : 1st Gambit


G.I. Joe #21

Daredevil : #168 : 1st Elektra
GI Joe #21 : Silent Issue, 1st Stormshadow
Iron Man #282 : 1st War Machine
Star Wars #42 : 1st Boba Fett
Thor #337 : 1st Beta Ray Bill


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    Given the upcoming movie and some of the fan following, I am curious as to why Uncanny X-Men #244 didn’t make the list? I understand the character may not be as mainstream as Gambit/Wolverine, but has been a part of many ventures Marvel has tried to do beyond the main X-Men title…..

  • Kevin Trinh

    Ben, I think you meant Detective Comics #880 : Classic Jock Cover. Thanks for the article.

  • Avatar

    This is a great starter list of some affordable keys. Nice work!

  • Avatar

    Secret Wars #8 is only the origin of the black suit, not the first appearance. It was published half a year after ASM #252, Marvel Team-Up #141, and Spectacular Spider-Man #90.

  • Keith S.

    all these books are dope!

  • Avatar

    Wow… I have every book on this list, save one!

  • Avatar

    I LOVE the fact that i have 90% of this list…great job!

  • Ben C

    Just a reminder folks, this is merely my OPINION on books I WOULD invest my money in. Lots will disagree with me. I am not a fan of books that I see as a fad. But that’s the beauty of lists like this, others might disagree and decide to put their money into books like X-men 244 or others. I do like NYX but am still not sold, if I buy @ today’s prices can I really get a return on that investment? Can I buy any of these books @ today’s prices and get a nice return? Who knows.

  • Avatar

    Nice list Ben. Thank you for sharing!

  • andmethis

    I’m also thinking x-men 221 could catch fire, and new mutants annual 2.

  • Avatar

    Fellas, you could list books all day not on the list. This isn’t the end all be all. Its a list of keys, not the only keys. Great work Ben.

    • Ben C

      Thanks John. I tried to state MULTIPLE times that there are a few things going on here, this is a list of LONG TERM INVESTMENT BOOKS, to which I say, my investment dollars to not vacation with Mr Sinister, Jubilee or Psylocke. 2nd and most important, just my opinion here. It is up to each of you to decide where to park your money @ the end of the day. I am just here rambling on about comics. There are tons of great books from the 80s, but am I really going to look @ Xmen 221, 244 or NM Annual as long term plays? Maybe I should, maybe not? The books I listed I have my money invested in. Means nothing outside of I believe in the listed books and put my money where my mouth was. I am sure I will lose on some and hopefully win on others.

      By no means I am an expert on anything comic related. Just a guy who likes to collect comics and a guy who clearly likes to ramble on and on about comics.

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