Breaking News: Batman Vol.2 #50 (Spoilers)

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Spoilers upcoming! Turn back if you don't want Batman #50 spoilers………




This week Batman Vol.2 #50 comes out and has some pretty big events inside its pages as most people are expecting. The first one is something I have talked about for a while. Duke Thomas will be offered the role of Robin by Batman.



Batman Vol.2 #21 books are about to go crazy once this news comes out to the mainstream. I was told that he would be the main Robin in Rebirth and it looks like the information was spot on. The 1:100 variant and the polybag combo are the two that stand out so far as the ones to own. The 2nd print regular cover isn't easy to find either. This is awesome news from DC. Snyder and Capullo did an incredible job of bringing him into the story without forcing it. They let him grow at his own pace and allowed him to be part of the story in the background. It's also nice to see DC adding some diversity to the line-up by adding an African-American Robin for the first time. I'm curious to see what they do with Damian though. I was told he will lead the newly revamped Teen Titans in Rebirth to allow his growth. I hope that is true as well

The Duke as Robin is the second biggest news of the issue. Capullo and Snyder hinted at a possible new Batman suit. Well, they delivered and it was shown at the end of the book.



Looks pretty awesome to me. Glad DC allowed them make the change. The yellow outlining looks slick. I will add one more photo as well, and leave something for the imagination. That being said, no news or even hint of Alfred in this issue. Hope the rumors I heard were true. Pie in my face if not.




  • Drew Kim

    How are we feeling about the SDCC variant? Print run on that in comparison?

  • I was never able to find one of the 1:100s or combo packs for the right price. Picked up a Jock 1:25 a few months ago for a couple bucks.

  • johnlbelanger

    Yeah there’s one combo pack on the Bay right now for over $50. I opted to pay a little more for a standard 9.8 2x SS…I love Duke Thomas so this is great news!

  • ECooper

    Cool. Nice spec, Trey! I had been hunting around but haven’t found any of the variants locally.

  • Great spec as always Trey, keep up the good work!!

  • Batman 21 Combo have gone up over the last month or so to $40+. The 1:25 has a nice Jock cover so I can see it moving higher as well, all the $20 ones and below are gone already on ebay. As I write this, there is one on ebay at $25 and the rest are at $40. The 1:100 is grossly underpriced with a few selling at $50 and $40 recently, in the end, I think this one will be the most sought after. There is also a SDCC variant out there, plenty of these out there selling at $20.

  • itseddieok

    Good looking out Trey! About the Alfred thing, I read this interview with Snyder and Capullo but the important quote from it is this:

    “Issue 51 is kind of a quiet night for Batman,” Snyder said, and said there’s a bit of banter about Alfred getting his hand back.

    Of course it could be them throwing people off the scent. Guess we’ll find out in a couple days!

  • johnlbelanger

    If Duke does take the Robin role, would We Are Robin #1 1:25 be the first full cover appearance? Might be good to have.

  • Topher

    What’s a good price for a nm 1:100?

  • Geeze. Jock cover is blowing up on the bay. Can’t imagine what the 1:100 and Combo Packs will do.

    ^ Forgot all about the selfie variant. Bought one of those ages ago when someone recommended it on the CBSI forums. Will have to keep an eye on it.

  • Oh boy! Here we go!
    Batman 21 first appearance
    Batman 32 Selfie first cover appearance
    We Are Robin #1 1:25
    I guess the gold is on Batman 21 1:100 but that one is going crazy right now..
    Is there a better second? Whats do you guys think?

  • Trey

    Combo Variant is the rarest in my opinion, and there’s only a few in the census.

  • Ben Steiniger

    Thanks for the info Trey, awesome! And I agree, the combo-pack is the one.

  • Also, don’t forget the Batman and Robin: Future’s End one-shot, set in the future where Duke Thomas was in the role of Robin alongside Batman!

  • Any thoughts on the Dell’Otto cover variants for Batman #50? Especially since they are part of an interlocking cover with Supes #50?

  • on the We Are Robin #1 regular cover, are any of the people on the front cover the new Robin.

  • Topher

    After some research I have learned that not only is Duke not the first African-American Robin but he’s not even the second! He is the first in terms of continuity though. The first black Robin was in Batman Year 100 and the second was in Scott Snyder’s work from Detective comics 27. In my opinion 27 is a massive Snyder/Batman key.

  • Hey guys,
    There is also a Batman 21 2nd print.
    It has a red cover.
    I don’t know about print run, but in terms of availability at the moment, this seems to be the most scarce edition.

  • Oooh, that was already mentioned in the article….
    Missed it.

  • Just because he makes him an offer does not mean that the offer is him taking on the role of Robin when Damien is still out there and is still Robin. Damien can still lead the Titans and be Robin. It has been done before.

    The 1st appearance of Tim Drake is worth about five dollars. The needle has not really moved on that book for years. So now Batman 21 is supposed to explode. Comic Book Speculation has gone off the rails. The desperation to make a dollar has created a lot of reaching and a lot of assumptions. Just my opinion.

    • Topher

      Tim Drake was just another Robin. I would say to this point he’s the least popular Robin. His first appearance has not moved beyond 5 bucks because the print run for Batman was monstrous. So no love and no demand is probably why his first has done nothing. I’m sure the current print run on 21 was large but compared to Tim Drake’s first it probably doesn’t come close. Then add the fact that there are some pretty rare variant for 21 and none for Tim Drake’s first. We know that comic collectors love rare variants. Duke is also going to be the first black Robin ( not counting future stories that to this point do not count ). This is going to matter and will probably make some sort of national news.

    • Trey

      Let’s just say my source is solid : ) Desperate enough for you to post about the desperation is interesting. You cared enough to respond, so you are obviously interested in what it’s about. Your opinion is valid, no need to bash speculators. Snyder isn’t writing Batman in Rebirth…………I’ve been told and have stated for months, Duke will be Robin in Rebirth………..

  • From eBay sales and current listings, it looks like the Sketch 1:100 will be hardest to get.

  • I bought a few of each before they got really hot, so I put up one auction that has all 6 variants included. Being an OCD completest might actually pay off this time.

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