Bookend Covers

I wanted to focus this week on cover swipes that are swipes of the first issue used for the final issue in a series. I was only able to come up with 4 examples of this occurrence so I changed the theme to be cover swipes within the same series/title.

Nova #1Nova 1 Nova #25Nova 25
I actually didn’t realize this isn’t an exact cover swipe. It bothers me a little because I am anal but I put it on here because I am lazy 
Sensational She-Hulk #1Sensational She-Hulk 1 Sensational She-Hulk #60Sensational She-Hulk 60
Who says Deadpool’s the only one to break the fourth wall??? Get em Shulkie!
Robin #1Robin 1 Robin #183Robin 183
I liked this one because it really showed Robin’s evolution throughout the series. Just look at how his costume has changed. He also looks like he didn’t get a haircut since the first issue!
Supergirl #1Supergirl 1 Supergirl #51Supergirl 51
This one’s pretty creative. In the first issue she’s a regular teenager who happens to be Supergirl. In the final issue she’s Supergirl but also happens to be a regular teenager.
Red_Sonja_Vol_1_1Red Sonja 1 Red Sonja #100Red Sonja 100
Can someone please explain to me how running around in a bikini whilst weilding a sword is a smart way to live one’s life? Not that I’m complaining…
Harbinger #1Harbinger 1 Harbinger #24Harbinger 24
Not much to really say about this cover. I never read Harbinger so I’m not sure what’s actually happening.

Journey Into Mystery 83 Thor_Vol_1_450 Thor_Vol_1_495

Journey Into Mystery 83 / Thor 450 / Thor 495

I guess Thor loves to swing his hammer and make wind…shirtless or not.
Justice League #1

Justice League 1

Justice League Europe #36

Justice League Europe 36

I think this one is a fitting end to this article. Please chime in with any other “bookend” covers you know of for a series!


  • Ben C

    This is a great idea. There are some really cool examples in here. Interesting to look @ the evolution of the character’s appearance over time. I had thought of a couple others that always trick me when digging in bins like She Hulk and Harbinger but forgot already.

    Excellent job as usual my friend, thanks!

  • Iñigo

    Awesome article, Yoni, one of my favourites … a year later and still getting strong!

  • Khoi Cakes

    Yes, totally agree! Awesome idea. Thor has quite a few self cover swipes running in the series – like Thor 126 & 338 & 429 & 458 and 337 & 451 and JIM 118 & 476. I think Cap America as well but can’t think of any off the top of my head.

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