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People seemed to enjoy the last article about 52 #6 because it was a cheap spec. You buy enough of these “cheap specs” and if one of them actually hits, you can even have an early retirement …That being said, X-23 aka Laura Kinney is one of the hottest characters Marvel has developed in the past few years.

X-23‘s current run as the “New Wolverine” is getting extremely positive reviews and rightfully so. Female leads are one of the most positive trends to come out of comics the past few years. X-23, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn and Kamala Khan are all products of this new female-friendly era and an attempt by publishers to bring in more female readers. Females are buying and reading comics right now in droves. They are the most important factor in the surge in popularity of comics that has happened in the past 5 years. Convention floors tell the truth:  women are speaking with their wallets. Their voices are finally being heard. We are getting more diverse female characters and storylines. This is a great thing for the community. Far too long have they been depicted incorrectly. I love JSC and Adam Hughes covers, but let's be honest about why they sell so well. Male collectors buy them based on the interpretation of the women on the covers. JSC, Manara, and Hughes are all great artists, but they exploit women and it's padded their pocket books. I'm not a fan of the Valiant character Faith, but it's nice to see something other than a girl in a bikini every now and again.

X-23 was created from a damaged strand of DNA from Weapon X aka Wolverine. The only thing they could salvage was the Y chromosome. After 22 failed attempts, the 23rd attempt worked and Laura Kinney was created. Her creator Sarah Kinney also became her mother from this process through surrogacy. She was raised by Sarah under the watchful eye of doctor Zander Rice.

Rice was unhappy with the way X-23 was progressing. He accused her of being soft and started working on countermeasures to make sure she would be the killing equal of her DNA counterpart. He utilized and tested “trigger scent” on Laura, causing her to go on murderous rampages whenever the scent was detected. Rice also enlisted a fellow mutant and test subject named Kimura to be Laura's handler. Kimura brutalized and tortured X-23 at all times at the behest of Rice. She was used to mentally break X-23 into becoming the killer she was made to be.

Here is the meat of what I am getting at. Kimura is X-23‘s equal. To date, X-23 has never bested Kimura in battle. Does any of this sound familiar? Kimura is to X-23 as Sabretooth is to Wolverine. These women are destined to battle one another for the foreseeable future and beyond. If Fox develops X-23 at any point in time for the big screen, Kimura will be there. She is that vital to her origin and storyline. I hate most speculation on cameos in movie roles. They are pure “pump and dump” by most bloggers. You can go through the list of movie cameos from female characters and minor villains and see they don't last from a speculative standpoint. The hype is movie generated. Kimura is different, she will be a major part of whatever Marvel decides to do with X-23 in the years to come inside the comic book pages. She will be X-23‘s Sabretooth. Anywhere she goes, Kimura won't be far behind.

X-23_Target_X_Vol_1_5_TextlessWith the success of Deadpool, an X-Force movie can't be too far in the future. There are multiple roads Fox can go with the team they use, though. With Hugh Jackman retiring as Wolverine, Fox might go for X-23 as a replacement. I would love to see Fox develop some of the younger mutants outside of the stereotypical team they have used the past decade. If Psylocke pops the way it's looking like, this might force Fox's hand. The more popular X-23 gets mainstream, the more people will begin collecting her books; and with Kimura being her biggest rival, there is value in New X-Men Vol.2 #31 right now. This book is dirt cheap and can be bought in high-grade for a few bucks anywhere. Will this ever be valuable like Iron Fist #14? No … but villains like Sabretooth have a cult following and people collect them. Something to think about.

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    1. I love cheap spec. You can buy big and hit big.

    2. This is spot on future gold. As X 23 goes so will this book. So if your buying NYX #3 why not double down with this?1?!?!

    This is why Trey is the best in the business.

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    This is a great spec! Awesome work!

  • zraximus rouge

    Bro, how do you do it. Not ink keeping this mofo going but a weekly top 10 and fiya!!!! Best in the biz!

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    For once I was ahead of the curve so to speak. I was thinking along the same lines. I just recently started actively seeking this one out in bargain bins.
    I scored a copy for 1.00 on Tuesday. I love cheap spec books, they add a cool level of excitement to the hunt. Sure they might not ever be 1,000.00 books, but in a game of numbers (which speculating basically is) these cheap spec/minor keys make a whole lot of sense.
    I look at it like this;

    The 1,000.00 book spec:
    say you buy 10 higher end books for 100.00 a piece speculating that next 1,000.00 mega key. You need at least 1 in 10 to hit the 1,000.00 mark just to break even.

    Now let’s look at the cheap spec:
    Now say I buy 100 cheap spec books for 1.00 each. I only need 1 out of 100 to take off and hit the 100.00 mark to break even.

    Don’t get me wrong, I also chase after those big payday books just like the rest of you. But I absolutely love the rush of digging through the dollar bins and scoring a bunch of cheap spec/minor keys. In the past year digging in dollar bins I’ve found an uncanny x-men #266, amazing spider-man #361, young Avengers #1 WWLA sketch cover, Batman #635 just to name a few.

    Anyways great post as always, the and the hot 10 list are my favorite parts on this site. So keep writing, and I’ll keep reading.

  • Ben C

    Excellent stuff brother. Really liking this one.

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