Post Bronze Age Investing: The Indies

notimelikethepastWhile the Golden, Silver and Bronze Age have pretty clear-cut “Investment Worthy” defined issues, what about post 1980 comics? Sure there are hundreds, if not thousands of books that get hot then cool off, spike in price only to be found in bargain bins again a year or 2 later(if not sooner). This is true for Silver, Bronze and Copper/Modern books as Golden Age books do not tend to show major spikes or market corrections. So the question that begs to be asked is “What about Copper and Modern Age comics?

With the “newer” generation of collectors starting to come into their 20’s and 30’s, they are finding two things. First that they are missing the comics they grew up reading and loving. Second that they now for the most part can afford to reclaim those books or add books they always wanted to their collection. Books that have been laughed at for years, or those that were always imagined to live in the 5-20 dollar range for eternity are actually making huge leaps in pricing. This same thing happened in the early 1990’s with Bronze Age books. More than 20 years later and here we are paying up handsome sums of money to get our hands on the first Wolverine, Iron Fist, Sabretooth and other books that “old school” collectors laughed about. The same exact thing is starting to happen with Copper age books and one can bet it will be the same with certain Modern Age comics.

I will attempt to go over what post Bronze Age books should prove to be a safe investment over the coming years. I decided to skip the explanation of each book and my thoughts and stuck to a simple line listing. All of these are investment worthy books to me, but bearing in mind some are spiking and it might not be the best time to buy. NO VARIANTS made this list. There are FAR FAR too many and should get their own list/discussion.

This week I will focus on indies while next week it will be time for Marvel, DC and Image.

The Goon


158864_20090825000702_largeBest Cellars #1 : Goon Prototype

Dreamwalker #0 : 1st Appearance The Goon

Goon #1-3 (Avatar) : Early Goon appearances

Goon #1-4 (Albatross) : Early Goon appearances

Goon #1 (Dark Horse) : 1st Issue

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


TurtlemaniaSpecial1Gobbledygook #1 & #2 : 1st Appearances of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1-4 : Early Appearances TMNT

Turtlemania Special #1 : Early Flaming Carrot, TMNT


tumblr_m3v4ioUpH41ro5ivgo1_1280san-diego-comic-con-comics-bigDime Press #4 : 1st Appearance of Hellboy

San Diego Comic Con Comics #2 : Early Hellboy

Next Men #21 : Early Hellboy

The Savage Dragon

1147795-graphicfantasy1a3859928-4534646551-269637Graphic Fantasy #1 & #2 : 1st Appearances of THE Dragon

Megaton #2-4 : 1st Appearances of The Savage Dragon


THORNBONE 1 cvr(1)Thorn Tales #1 : 1st Fone Bone

Bone #1 : 1st Issue

The Crow

caliber-presents-01-012 (1)d63b4ead862aebdb6d176515d7dbeeb0_lCaliber Presents #1 : 1st Appearance of the Crow

Crow #1-4 : Early Crow Appearances


101453_20080820010329_largeCryForDawn1Continum #1 : 1st Linsner work, 1st Dawn (Argued)

Cry for Dawn #1-4 : 1st issues (#1 1st Dawn Argued)


GrendelPrimer2Grendel1Primer #2 : 1st Appearance of Grendel

Grendel #1 : 1st Issue

They came from Great Britain!

tumblr_nu9ok18Yt71tcujuyo1_1280Warrior_No_12000 AD #2 : 1st Appearance of Judge Dredd

Warrior Mag #1 : 1st V Vendetta, Marvel Man (Miracleman version)

Other first apps


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  • Avatar

    Great list! Not sure how you leave off the Tick. Spoon!!!

  • Avatar

    Great list! My own indie grail hunt is Strangers in Paradise 1st print. I remember buying the 3rd printing when I saw it on the rack years ago…

  • Avatar

    Sweet list Ben, but no Spawn love? 🙂 Malibu Sun #13 for life! Also Malibu Sun #19 (first Pitt) is creeping up into double digit land too.

  • Avatar

    Mangazine Vol. 2, #11 is 1st Gold Digger, been pulling them out of the budget boxes for years,

    I would have included Love & Rockets #1 (self-published), and Fantasy Quarterly #1 1st Elfquest, both underpriced most days.

    • Ben C

      Had no idea bout Mangazine Vol 2, #11, thanks! As for FQ, book is a Bronze Age classic. Same with Cerebus(Before someone mentions that) which is why neither made the list. I debated Love and Rockets. Probably should have included it as well but it exists in that strange land of “Is this a Bronze Age book?” from 1982. Again, probably should have made the list as I do consider the end of the Bronze Age to be 12/31/79

  • denby23

    Awesome article Ben! I have a chunk of these but now I want more!

  • wondermarq

    Great article. I either didn’t know a lot about these or was previously confused about some. Not anymore! Thanks!

  • Topher

    Incredible list!

    Here’s a few to add for people looking for other keys:
    GOON: Dreamwalker Carousel 1 & Avatar Illustrated
    TMNT: Comic Buyers Guide 545, Grimjack 26/New Age Comics 1 ( first Turtles in color ). I love the Turtlemania book! It is impossible to find in any color.
    BONE: It’s not a first but I dig the Flip Book. I wouldn’t mind having some of the Ohio State Lantern papers that contain Thorn Strips or the Art of Bone by Dark Horse. It reprints some of his earliest work which Jeff used to try and get Syndicated.
    Visons 1-First Flaming Carrot
    New England Comics Newsletter 14 ( first Tick )
    Deadworld 10: First Crow ( on back cover, predates all other appearances )
    Greed 6: First Milk & Cheese
    Eclipse GN The Adventures of Floyd Farland: First Chris Ware work
    Echo of Future Past 1: First Bucky O Hare

    • Ben C

      I knew you would come in with the deep spec, lol. I debated Visions but its a fanzine so I kept back, I had no idea bout a lot of these, I know Echo FP can be had for pennies right now and I was holding off on Deadworld 10(both covers) as I tried to find more for my stash 🙂

      • Topher

        This is a great list you have Ben and I cannot wait for the next one! The Copper age is tough but I like the fact that the era wasn’t bogged down by endless variants.

  • Avatar

    Wow, great list! Thanks for putting this together, Ben.
    And thanks for more info in the comments, Topher and others.
    Lots I didn’t know about here…

  • Keith S.

    Ben C is da man! Geezus Topher…incredible minds on this website!

    • Avatar

      Cerebus is Bronze. Ben Mentioned it somewhere in there.

    • Ben C

      Yeah Cerebus and Elf Quest are Bronze, made a point to say it above and literally added before someone asks where it is, lol. GREAT book, but I could not go into Bronze here with out going down the rabbits hole and getting into underground books. Had to make some small attempt at keeping it to books I would put my money into for investment purposes. And for the most part, I have with these books right down to the Graphic Fantasy 1.

  • Ioan L

    Great list amigo!

  • Trey

    My favorite article you have ever wrote. Incredible job buddy

  • Avatar

    Strangers in Paradise is a big one. There are also 4 rare Antarctic Press books which feature the girls as anthropamorphic creatures, that pre-date SiP #1.
    Those books would make a good “true firsts” article.

  • Avatar

    Awesome article Ben!

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