Time To Hunt: Ultimate Alliance Mini Comic (2006) Activision Promo




It's safe to say right now that the hottest thing in comic books is Gabrielle Dell'Otto and some of his amazing covers. People are devouring anything he has ever touched with the rarest items going for premium dollars. Some of his stuff have caught and surpassed J.Scott Campbell which I never thought would happen.

Most people know about the X-23, Winter Soldier, and Original Sin variants. Those are what people are buying in abundance and searching for in every LCS in the country. A lot of them have relatively low print runs and the artwork is incredible.

The one book that hasn't been mentioned yet also might be the rarest. CBSI member Anthony L brought this book up to my attention late last week. After doing the research this weekend, I think it may be a safe assumption to say this is the rarest Marvel Dell'Otto variant by far. It's the Marvel Ultimate Alliance Mini-Comic Promo (Secret War #NN).

This was given as an incentive in 2006 to video game stores who ordered a specific number of copies of the video game “Marvel Ultimate Alliance”. I haven't been able to track down the exact number of copies it took to get this comic, but it was pretty significant based on the little information I have found so far, The comic is super small. It's a mini-comic, but CGC does grade and encapsulates them. The CGC census shows just how rare this book is at the moment. There is one 9.8 Blue, one 9.8 SS and one 9.6 in the census. Granted this could be because of rarity, or the fact people weren't aware they could be graded. I have to suspect most kids who received this variant, read it and threw it away. Best case scenario they kept it and it's mangled in a drawer next to a Playboy their Uncle gave them.

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    Should we make the same argument regarding those Golden Age books that are the only copies on the CGC consensus? For Example, the present auction on http://www.ComicLink.com has a ” United Nations War Heroes #no number ” (2.5 CGC) . Given the age of the book (over 75 years old!) and that it’s a Canadian White, this should be much more expensive and sought out as opposed to modern variants printed with better paper quality and many more in circulation today. There are other books that come to mind that don’t get the same attention. Just my opinion of course based on simple common sense. It would be great hearing other peoples point of view on this.

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    Great work Trey and Anthony. This one will be tough to find. 2006 and a mini comic sold with video games. Good luck.

  • wondermarq

    Wow. Pretty cool. Good job guys. In doing some more research (more like trying to find a copy), I saw that there’s also a mini comic that came with Ultimate Alliance 2. Also Del’Otto.

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    Two sold on Mar 11th. Impeccable timing.

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      That’s how this site rolls. They find the books, buy them, and then put an article out about them to pump them up.

      • Iñigo

        I should know better than answering to this kind of post, I normally don’t bother, but I thought I would try …

        LarryLovesMe, Candletric, Candletrik or whatever stupid username you want to hide behind, consider this your last warning. I thought that the suspension of your first account would be enough of a hint but it apparently wasn’t. You clearly don’t like what we do or, if you do, you don’t find it in yourself to say it. I wonder why you would use so much of your energy and time coming back here day after day and say the first negative thing that comes to your mind. I don’t really care, though. Please stop it, wouldn’t want to have to block your IP address.

        ronniewoowoo, you probably don’t care about any type of explanations but I thought I would give you the benefit of the doubt and not assume you are a hatebot. We do a lot of research here, which then we share for free with A LOT of people … If you think that during that research process we are not going to buy the books which we just learnt to be rare for ourselves, you take us for better human beings than you should. Case in point, this book was on my Dell’Otto checklist from a couple of weeks ago, so if people took half as much time going through the checklist as I takes me to put them together, anybody could have bought that book way before that date. In any case, we feature books that can be found on dollar bins too (in the last week, we have talked about Skye Runner, Wizard Magazine, comics that haven’t come out yet and why they look good, which variants seem to be doing good, Golden Age comics, …). We try to hit the whole spectrum and sometimes we feature some books that we notice to be performing amazingly well or have a lot of potential. If you like that, then you’re welcome to join, if you don’t please use your time in a more constructive manner.

        That’s all I have to say, really, my first and last reply to LarryLover69, but I would like the rest of the people out there to chip in, too, let us know how we are doing. Maybe you all hate us and we can just shut this down and join a Savate course and become mercenaries with ridiculous accents or whatever.

        • Khoi Cakes

          ronniewoowoo, I just want to add that we have many, many people who read CBSI articles and use it for whatever purposes they see fit. So just because some books sold, I would not be so quick to say it was one of the core members. I don’t know if that was your intent, but it can be construed as such by others.

          I myself have personally sold 1 set of books on ebay since I’ve joined. The rest have been to other CBSI members, who are just as privy to any information that I am.

  • Topher

    I’m not sure how limited the Ultimate Alliance 2 comic is as it came with the game across multiple platforms. IT was not released with every copy of the game though.

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    I love this site and haven’t posted before but feel I need to on this thread. Every time I go to the CGC boards, this website, bleedingcool etc I see this Candletric guy trolling and causing issues on every single thread anyone posts

    He has bought comics from my eBay store before. He wants to hide behind this fake account, but let’s see how the shoe fits when has to wear it.

    His real name is **** **********. He lives in **********.

    He has been accused of many crimes that a short internet search will verify these.

    He also stalks and preys on young girls with his email address of **************

    His eBay store is


    It seems he doesn’t mind when people talk a book or an artist as long as he makes money on it.

    Keep doing what you guys are doing, don’t individuals like **** ********* cause any more problems. Can a moderator not ban him? or call the authorities? I’m sure he is wanted for other crimes based on the information I have found. I live in **** and will look into it further if a moderator would like to contact me.

    I will post this on the CGC boards as well. Time for this punk to be exposed for exactly what he is.

  • Santos

    Canldetric stop hating man I know your eBay account and I’ve seen you flip books mentioned here so keep taking that free lunch like a lil boy and at least be thankful CBSI is around, you are a being hypocritical.

  • Santos

    Also I forgot to add, he has EVERY book mentioned in CBSI priced high. Lol this dude cracks me up.


  • AnthonyL

    A few personal takeaways.
    1. The personal entitlement syndrome our society today has is disgusting.
    2. I don’t own a single copy of this book, it’s not the type of investment I make, nor the spec I purchase. You can bet I shared it with contributing members of our soceity….
    3. We have 3 of the elite of the elite for comic knowledge in this group. Ben, Topher, and Iñigo, thanks to you 3 for all you do and all the books you share with the general public and the free dollars you have put into the wallets of every member, whether a flipper or a true collector
    4. I bet these sad charity cases with their wonderful comments took no part in our latest charity event….thank you to all of our wonderful members and readers….
    5. Tk for Prez…seriously the reach and influence our community has is amazing…
    6. Lol. The said person above seems to be a model citizen in all facets of life.


    • Topher

      Well thanks for that compliment! Personally I write comics because it’s the greatest artistic medium on Earth and I can’t think of too many things better to fill my basement with. Anyone who has written an article here knows how much time is put into it and I am sure most are doing it to pass along knowledge, be the first to unearth a key and yes buy books that we mention. Nothing is more irksome than the kind of comment from Larrylovesme. Are you really going to insult writers here, who are giving you free information and doing all the work for you. A simple thank you is more appropriate no? I know a great place for those kinds of boring, repetitive and useless comments, try the CGC boards. They will welcome you with open arms.

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        All I can say is – WOW!

        I’m disappointed with the rhetoric that is taking place here. This should have been a polite and respectful discussion. I am particularly shocked and disturbed seeing an individual’s name and whereabouts revealed, this is morally wrong for a number of reasons! If this goes on, I will stop coming here. This tells me that either, the instigator(s) need to get kicked off the blog or the one’s defending themselves have something clearly to hide!!!

        People should be able to lend their own opinion regardless of whether or not it contradicts another perspective, provided of course, it’s done respectfully. However, there is a difference when offering a different point of view and insulting others/ putting them down.

        A blog should not be an extension of any one person or clique per se, and neither should it be a tool for bashing, but rather a reflection of the overall trust that the co-organizers have instilled amongst their followers!!!

        Need I say more

        • Iñigo

          superman, you are absolutely right about revealing details of one of the members, that’s why the mods redacted the comment as soon as they caught it. And yes, I think most of our articles are only sparks to start a discussion, which is the main reason why the G+ community became a site, to reach more people.

          Unfortunately, the reach comes with trolls too, and this one in particular works under 3 usernames and usually with little respect. It won’t happen again, but my apologies if this thread has upset anyone out there.

  • Ben Steiniger

    Well said Inigo.

    I am also going to drop some truth here and be as transparent as possible. I have written 14 ‘By The Numbers’ articles on here. Of the 98 books that I have mentioned in my articles, I currently own 35 of them. I have SOLD 1 out of the 98 (and it was to a friend). Of the 98 books listed in my articles, I owned 6 prior to writing the articles. I have since found (and followed my own advice) and purchased 30 books AFTER the article was published. I have sold a whopping 2 books on eBay since Christmas and neither were books that have appeared on this website.

    Thank you to Trey, Inigo and every person that contributes through writing, commenting, reading, etc.

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    I would like to add that all the books I have written about, I have sold none. I don’t even have an Ebay store. I have written for the honest collector on a budget. Despite that, I have seen those same books soon after get posted for $100+. Even after I have digged to present books that no one was specc’ing on, just because I thought they were cool. So who is to blame for that?

  • Keith S.

    Hi, I write a weekly article for this very website called Variant Heat Check. I have been writing it since the inception of this site, and do not care to go back and count how many books I have written about. The majority of the time, I DO NOT own the books I have commented on. I probably have some, probably have sold a few, but certainly do not write to pump up a books value. I write about what I observe in the market that week.

  • Trey

    If anyone wants my eBay handle to check and see if I sell books let me know………….

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    I could honestly care less if you guys buy the books and then write articles about their scarcity and importance.
    The fact is, this hobby has stagnated for years. Bringing unnoticed and interesting books to collector’s attention helps all of us and expands the hobby. I hope the authors of this site make money from every book they post and I hope that keeps this site running for a long while. It is one of the best free resources on the internet for comic collecting. If you can’t appreciate what they do here, you are a complete amateur and have no business rambling on with your opinions.

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    I don’t understand how people can complain about free information that could make them money. So what if the author already has the book. Be thankful the author even shared the information so you have a chance or can put it on your radar, otherwise you wouldn’t even know.

    Most people can figure out keys pretty easily with a google search but the low print runs and cool covers take much more work(which they have done for you).

    Why post nothing but complaints?

    I am thankful for this site and the G+ site and the generous people that run it and contribute to it.

  • Ben C

    I own a fair amount of the Classic Covers I spotlight. That said, the will be not be sold for decades, not that I am moving the market on Golden Age over here… YET…

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