Recon: Sac-con 3/2016


This past weekend I was finally able to get a day off and attend the Sac-Con (Sacramento Comic Con) put on by the Sacanime Group. From what I understand, this con is held twice a year, in the early spring and fall (October). This is usually a two-day event (Sat/Sun) and runs from 10am – 5pm without an early bird entrance. The entrance fee is $10-$15 for both days depending on if you buy online or at the door. Enough about the logistics, onto my experience.


Intending to arrive early, I got to the line at 9:50. There were two lines; the presale line was half the size of the pay at the door line (which still took 30 minutes to gain entrance).  I overheard from someone in line that this show gets bigger every year and the lines were twice as big as “last time” (I'm assuming the fall show).

Floor show/vendors

The show floor was medium sized with around 12-15 comic dealers, 5 of which were bigger vendors I've seen at shows as far away as New Mexico. As always, I ran the floorshow once and proceeded to target the smaller dealers. There were also the obligatory pop culture tables, artist alley, and special guest section. What wasn’t advertised was the CGC table.  Many people said that if they had known CGC was there they would have brought books for them to grade.


In running the floor, I noticed that many of the “hot” books talked about in CBSI and were at market/eBay prices or above (i.e. DKR #4 = $40, NM 98 = $300).  However, many of the newer talked about “hot” books (Dell'Otto, Granov variants) were nowhere to be found. A quick look at wall books made it clear that this was going to be a dollar bin digging kind of con. I feel that for this show, this strategy worked out well! The highlight of my bin digging was a NM Psylocke #1. I was also able to stumble upon $1 Bronze Age books in great condition (see pic). After the digging was done I was able to give better attention to the boxes and higher prices books. My key find was Hulk #92 for $40 that I talked down to $30 due to a slight back cover color break x 1.


Throughout the day most of the dealers were easy to talk to and willing to haggle a little.  Though the selection wasn’t great, I got some good deals and steals!   I was also able to get a few sketches done by local talent.

The best part of the show, in my opinion, was that most of the dealers were open to buy books from me! Though I spent about $200 (gas and food included) I was able to make about $440 off the books I brought to sell! With the books I bought and intend to sell, I will clear over $500!

In short, though the selection wasn’t great, being able to walk out of the con up $300 will ensure that I return in the fall!!!!


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