A Venom movie announcement has forced speculators and collectors into an interesting discussion. Will the symbiote be bonded to Brock or Flash? And no Mac Gargan is not in the mix unless they show the removal of the alien from his body via Mrs Marvel.. It would actually be a cool scene to see on screen though.
Key Venom books continue to hold value so there’s really is no point discussing comics like ASM 252, 298,299,300, 300 chromium, 301, 315, 316,317, Venom Lethal Protector Gold, WOS 18,24 or the first appearance of Flash Thompson.

Amazing Spider-Man 252 ( 2nd, 3rd, 4th printings )

The 2nd print is an action figure reprint from Marvel Legends

Amazing Spider-Man #252 2nd Printing

The 3rd is a Niagara Falls Variant from 2007. It is a rare regional variant, theme-park giveaway.


The 4th is a reprint released in the Walmart Spider-Man 3 DVD

Amazing Spider-Man #252 Wallmart Edition

NOTE: There is also a Canadian 75 cent cover variant for this comic along with a Mark Jeweler insert, regional variant. All are pretty tough to find.

Amazing Spider-Man 258

This one is often overlooked despite a really great cover. In this issue the Bombastic Big Man makes his first appearance! Yay. The real reason you want this book has everything to do with Venom being revealed as a symbiote for the first time.

Amazing Spider-Man #258

Amazing Spider-Man 300 ( 2nd & 3rd printings )

So 300 is not going to come across your eyes in any dollar bin, ever. Though rare, you will have more fun and a better chance of finding these.

The 2nd printing was released in the Walmart Spider-Man 2 DVD

Amazing Spider-Man #300 Walmart

The 3rd printing is also a Niagra Falls Regional Variant.

Amazing Spider-Man #300 Niagara Falls Variant

Marvel Knights Spider-Man 10

As I stated above Mac is an unlikely candidate for starring in a Venom solo film but his first appearance as Venom is pretty affordable.

Marvel Knights Spider-Man #10


Flash Thompson has never been my favorite supporting character and I was a huge Spidey fan growing up. So when they decided to make him Venom I was skeptical and a little annoyed. I was never a huge Eddie Brock fan either. It wasn’t until he got sick that I really started to dig him. My opinion on characters that I have a long tradition of disliking can sometimes be changed thanks to great modern writing. The Venom series starring Flash turned out to be one of the better Marvel series during it’s run.
Project Rebirth 2.0 put Flash in the company of Captain America and made him a legitimate force. They are as much a part of Flash’s origin as anyone else in the Spider-Man mythos.

Amazing Spider-Man 574

This is one of those comics that I have been promoting for a while. It’s a stand alone issue featuring Flash and tells the story of how he lost his legs at war. It’s a poignant and explosive tale. After reading it my feeling changed concerning the character. Because Marvel has to sell comics I see why they hand to put Spidey on the cover in some capacity but otherwise this issue is all Flash. It has nothing to do with Venom but lays the groundwork for why he would be chosen for Project rebirth 2.0. Currently it is a massively undervalued Venom key.

Amazing Spider-Man #574

Amazing Spider-Man 654 & 654.1

I found the newsstand edition for 654 and it lacks the cover appearance of Flash Venom. I have never seen this online or in the wild though. The 2nd print cover is the best of the bunch. It is already a hot seller thanks to the rarity and black cover which is probably making any 9.8’s impossible.

1660068-ams654 222237_20110720205226_large

Of all the covers this one is the best. It combines the best parts of the 2nd print with some much needed graphics and color. Too bad it’s a digital only edition and is not available in print. I have included it just to show people what it looks like.


This one could be the rarest edition yet. It is a foreign printing from Panini.


#654.1 is the comic this euro-variant comes from and is getting tougher to find.


Venom 1 4th print

Of all the Venom 1 ( 2011 ) series printings I enjoy this one the most other than the Siqueia Variant.

Venom #1 4th Printing

Marvel.1 TPB

Venom Flashpoint collects Project 2.0’s work from ASM but has already seen speculators decimate online stock. If you still want some collected issues try this TPB which also comes with some other great Spidey issue reprints!

Marvel .1 TPB

Carnage USA 2, 2b,3,4

Project Rebirth plays a role in this series too. Flash Venom makes appearances as well. The interior artwork is some of the best you will see in this medium.

241606_20140911032841_large 243457_20120317211553_large
242821_20150220221923_large 244772_20120317093416_large

Venom 13.1 Sketch Variant

This 1:100 variant is a massive key for both Venom and X-23. It is in this series where X-23 learns whether she’s got a soul being that she’s a clone. It is also the first appearances of some of my favorite new Marvel Villains like X-666, Encephalous, Ichor and Evangelist whom are all members of the group Antithesis.


Marvel Convention Mix-Tape 2011

This convention comic reprints X-Men Legacy 245 and previews Fear Itself 1, Herc 1, FF 1 and Venom 1. Venom 1 was released in My of 2011. This comic predates it.

Unlike the other mixtape comics from Marvel this one notes no convention. My research has lead to me to Wondercon April 1st 2011 where it was distributed. It may also have been distributed elsewhere.

Marvel Mix-Tape Convention Edition

Spider-Man FCBD May 2011

This issue is an ugly mess but it previews Venom 1 and was released in May of the same month. FCBD issues are strange when you talk about collecting. They are technically regional variants the moment a stamp is placed in the box but the stamp also depreciates the value. Non-stamped issues are more rare but most of these comics have enormous print runs. But…many stores simply dispose of extras or donate them locally so they aren’t so easy to find in back issue bins. I see them a lot a flea markets and thus NM copies are also more scarce. It's best to exercise caution concerning paying a premium when buying issues like this.


Secret Avengers 23

This comic is really Flash Venom’s first appearance outside of any Spider related titles. It’s a damn fine cover too.


Marvel Knights 6 ( First Angelo Fortunado )


And Finally the biggest movie long shot in the history of Marvel. Angelo is the son of crime boss Don Fortunado. He becomes Venom for 3 short issues thanks to his symbiote assisted death due to cowardice.

Marvel Knights Spider-Man #6


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