Wizard The Comics Magazine #148 – December, 2003

tumblr_nvcf16sIYC1rom810o5_1280Welcome back ladies and gents! Thank you once again for your patronage! This week I go back into my Wizard Magazine back issues! I present to you Wizard #148, featuring not only Superman by Jim Lee, but Supergirl by Michael Turner! What an awesome cover! Just looking at that cover brings me back to the Top 10 of back in the day!

These will not break your bank, I promise, but they may be a little hard to track down. Especially tough if you are looking to find one still sealed. There are a few out on the bay and amazon, and for no more than a $10 bill. This is one of those covers I would just like to display in a frame. Go get them! At least for your PC.

Happy Hunting Fellas!


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