Skye Runner

Skye Runner was a 6 issue limited series that was published by DC/Wildstorm back in 2006. It was a fun fantasy story written by Allen Warner and illustrated by Alé Garza, and like most comics published by Wildstorm at the time, not very successful.

The reason to bring it back now, unfortunately doesn't have to do much with the content of the series, but its covers. Covers by Jim Lee, J. Scott Campbell and Arthur Adams, which, when looking at the print runs, might look a bit more interesting.

91VhBajxJjLSkye Runner #1 Jim Lee Variant Here's some numbers, including the last couple of issues for completion's sake:

Skye Runner #1 … 14,600 … 3 covers
Skye Runner #2 … 9,460 … 3 covers
Skye Runner #3 … 8,164 … 2 covers
Skye Runner #4 … 8,651 … 2 covers
Skye Runner #5 … 7,688
Skye Runner #6 … 5,582

Jim Lee's covers were 1:10 ratio variants, so that means approximately 1,460 copies of #1, 946 of #2 and 817 of #3.

The Campbell and Adams covers were 50/50 variants, which would put them around 4,730 and 4,325 respectively, which is not a huge number. Also, you can probably find most of these in the dollar bins and at the very least you will be getting some sweet art covers.

72754_20061125141543_largeSkye Runner #2 Jim Lee Cover 42741_20060529135308_large

Skye Runner #2 J. Scott Campbell Cover


Skye Runner #3 Jim Lee Variant


Skye Runner #4 Arthur Adams Variant


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