Batman v Superman Variants

Big DC events lately mean more than one type of variants. This time we get three! Let's take a look at them, because I guarantee you there are quite a few you haven't seen yet.

Polybagged Variants

This come in opaque variants (a la Harley Quinn variants a couple of months ago) and you can get it in three flavours: color cover, character spotlight cover (which means characters are in color and the background in black and white) and the fade version (which shows the pencils to final version progression).

Detective Comics #50 Rafael Grampa VariantDetective Comics #50 by Rafael Grampa Action Comics #50 Martin Ansin Variant Action Comics #50 by Martin Ansin
Batman / Superman #30 Kevin Maguire VariantBatman/Superman #30 by Kevin Maguire Robin: Son of Batman #10 Ryan Ottley VariantRobin: Son of Batman #10 by Ryan Ottley
Superman #50 Kaare Andrews VariantSuperman #50 by Kaare Andrews Batman #50 Chris Daughtry and Jim Lee VariantBatman #50 by Chris Daughtry and Jim Lee
Grayson #18 Stephen Platt VariantGrayson #18 by Stephen Platt Superman / Wonder Woman #27 Charlie Adlard VariantSuperman/Wonder Woman #27 by Charlie Adlard
Wonder Woman #50 Massimo Carnevale VariantWonder Woman #50 by Massimo Carnevale s-l1600 (2)

Batgirl #50 by Kevin Nowlan

Standard Variants

Variants for a few titles that apparently didn't deserve a polybagged version.

tumblr_o2z71lb3DT1uorz8zo2_1280Green Lantern #50 by Doug Mahnke tumblr_o2z71lb3DT1uorz8zo1_1280Batman Beyond #10 by Dustin Nguyen
tumblr_o2z71lb3DT1uorz8zo3_1280New Suicide Squad #18 by Tony Daniel tumblr_o2z71lb3DT1uorz8zo4_1280Green Arrow #50 by Aaron Kuder
tumblr_o2z71lb3DT1uorz8zo6_1280Deathstroke #16 by Chris Burnham tumblr_o2z71lb3DT1uorz8zo5_1280Justice League #49 by Matteo Scalera
tumblr_o2z71lb3DT1uorz8zo7_1280Aquaman #50 by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez & Moreno Dinisio tumblr_o2z71lb3DT1uorz8zo8_1280The Flash #50 by Duncan Fegredo
tumblr_o2z71lb3DT1uorz8zo9_1280Harley Quinn #26 by Tony Harris tumblr_o2z71lb3DT1uorz8zo10_500Teen Titans #18 by Phil Jimenez

Batman #50 / Superman #50 Connecting Variants

While they are mostly store / con variants, there's also a DC 1:100 variant. I am guessing this is not the full list and it will keep on growing, so keep and eye out and let me know if there are more.


1:100 Variant by Dave Johnson


Paris Comics Expo Exclusive by Lee Bermejo (available for pre-order here). By the way, if you are anywhere in Europe in April (or not), you might want to take a look at the absolutely insane artist line-up coming to this convention. This year it will be the best convention this side of the Atlantic!


Fried Pie Comics Exclusive by Rafael Albuquerqueimg_3471

ComicXposure Exclusive by Guillem March

Bulletproof Comics Exclusive by Gabriele Dell'OttoSuperman50Batman50_Variant_TerryDodson

Midtown Comics (Superman and Batman) Exclusive by Terry Dodson

s-l1600 (4)

Dynamic Forces Exclusive by Amanda Conner


DCBS Exclusive by Neal Adams


Newbury Comics Exclusive by Tim Sale

s-l1600 (1)

Beyond Comics Exclusive by Ed Benes

s-l1600 (3)

Comic Con Box Exclusive by Pat Gleason

$_57 (1)

Madness Games & Comics Exclusive by Josh Middleton


Forbidden Planet Exclusive by Sean Gordon Murphy


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    I’m not feeling any stand out, must haves. They are not bad, just not seeing any future “classic covers.” What do you guys think?

  • Avatar

    I bought the Doug Mahnke cover. You rarely ever see Batman letting loose with an assault rifle, let alone using one on a cover. The Batman I grew up with always disavowed using guns, so this cover makes it all the more meaningful to me. I am just not certain why those are not kryptonite bullets coming out of he barrel…

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    Sorry for the misspellings. Not sure what happened…

  • Iñigo

    The only ones I am getting for sure are the Rafael Grampa, the Kaare Andrews and if I am feeling nostalgic the Stephen Platt. I will probably get the Paris Comics Expo one to get it signed by Bermejo at the con. But I agree with you david, nothing mind-blowing.

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    I picked up the Grampa cover. Got the regular color version.

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    There are golden ticket variants for the books, as well, like with the Harley Quinns a couple months ago! One of the shops I go to to, Conquest Comics in Bayville, NJ had a customer pull a custom pencilled Kevin Maquire pencil sketch that was also signed from one of the bags for Batman/Superman #30. Further, it looks to be the original pencil artwork for the cover! I hope people find more and post them online. Be cool to see them all, like the Harley Quinn ones that were posted all over the place and still being discovered. You can see the image on their instagram page!

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    For some reason, I also like the Terry Dodson Superman/Batgirl/Batman/Supergirl cover. It’s not often both of those “families” appear on covers together, either. Well, that’s what DC needs next: Superman/Batman Families!

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    Really loving the Lee Bermejo covers but I live in the states. I pick up quite a few covers from the poly bagged ones. Murphy stands out cause how many covers do you ever see of Batman getting bitch slap by Superman? Plus am a big fan of Murphy art work

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