Hot Fiyah Spec: 52 #6 1st Appearance of the Great Ten




I've heard a bit more news about DC's Rebirth today and was told that The Great Ten will have a huge role in Rebirth as will Supergirl potentially. Peter J Tomasi will be in charge of the transition and will be writing on all the Super-books during the transition. The arc will be called the “The Super League”.

The Great Ten is a team of Chinese superheroes, who are sponsored by the government of the People's Republic of China. This is no doubt, a push to try and diversify the roster and potentially set up for a big film overseas down the road. That being said, this book is worth pennies right now, and if it works out with the Rebirth title, this book will be worth a few Thomas Jefferson's easy in my opinion. Buy these now and sit on them.

Don't forget the Great Ten #1-9 mini-series as well. ArtGerm did the covers for this series and it's a very low print series. Thanks to Ben S for the information.


And check out Matt Devoe's post from 2014. He was way ahead on thisĀ Matt Devoe's Haul from 2014


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