Ghost Hunting (part 2)

The thrill of finding that book that no one else has and getting the ‘nice find’ comment is something that we all love. I received some positive feedback from some people that were able to track down some of the previous ‘ghosts’ (I was able to secure one as well! Yay me!) With that, I give you yet another set of books that might be considered ‘ghosts’. (If you missed the first set, check it out here).

Venom (Vol. 2) #12 1:50 Mike Del Mundo Variant

Venom #12 Mike Del Mundo Venom Variant

Print Run: Appx. 574. CGC census: 3, all 9.8’s. Sells for $40-50. Yes, the Hulk, Spidey, X-Force, etc. Venom variants are awesome. But let’s give his own series some love. This cover is awesome…who doesn’t love fire and broomsticks? But seriously, try and find this book. HTF Venom variants tend to stick around.

Spawn #232 Eastern Washington University Variant

Spawn #232 Eastern Washington University Variant

Print Run: 400. CGC Census: 7, the highest universal being a 9.6. Sells for: ?? For those who don’t know, Mr. McFarlane attended Eastern Washington University. In 2013 he returned for a speaking engagement where he gave attendees this book. Now, if you are giving a book to a bunch of college kids, how many of them are going to survive in high grade? If you live in the Great Northwest (yes, I’m speaking to you Agustin Santos and Andrew Cuevas) you may be able to find these floating around somewhere. The rest of us will just have to accept the fact that we will probably never see this book for sale.

Classic Popeye #41 Kelley Jones 1:10 Variant

Classic Popeye #41 Kelley Jones 1:10 Variant

Print Run: ??. CGC Census: 0. Sells for: ??. IDW began reprinting some classic comics and Popeye happened to be one. Starting at issue #13, they started doing some 1:10 variants on most of the issues. Because the regular cover print run is either in the low 2000’s or could not even crack the Top 400, these 1:10 variants are extremely rare and HTF. This cover is by the former Batman artist and is one of my favorites from this series. And hey, Popeye does look kind of ‘ghostly’.

Fearless Defenders #3 Phil Jimenez 1:50 Variant

Fearless Defenders #3 Phil Jimenez Variant

Print Run: appx. 470. CGC Census: 0. Sells for: ??. Fearless Defenders? I’ll have to admit that I had never heard of this series. Greek goddesses are starting to draw some interest, and this book (with an already low regular print run) was a 1:50. Who ordered 50 copies of this? And, like the 80’s band Erasure, she’s breaking the chains of love….no?

Ghost Rider (Vol. 6) #1 Neal Adams 1:50 Variant

Ghost Rider (Vol. 6) #1 Neal Adams 1:50 Variant

Print Run: appx. 826. CGC Census: 2, 1 being a 9.8. Sells for: ??. Here’s that fire thing again. Anyway, I have never read 1 Ghost Rider book in my life. That being said, the cover art on a lot of GR books is amazing. Neal Adams killed it here. Notice the repeating formula, low regular print run + awesome looking high ratio variant = start hunting.

Action Comics #1 Jim Lee Sketch 4th Print

Action Comics #1 Jim Lee Sketch 4th Print

Print Run: ??. CGC Census: 60 Universal and 30 SS, most of these are 9.8. Sells for: $6-10. Ok, this is not the rarest of the bunch here, but it fits in this category because you just don’t see it that often. I have never seen this in the wild and it only pops up on eBay on occasion. Besides, who doesn’t love a good Jim Lee sketch of Superman or Batman?

Carnage USA #2 Clayton Crain 2nd Print

Carnage USA #2 Clayton Crain 2nd Print

Print Run: ??. CGC Census: 2, both 9.8. Sells for: ??. While we are on the multiple printing variants, this is a toughie to come by. And it has Car-Thing (or Thing-age)! Personally, I am hoping for a Carnage barrage of variants, like the Venom variants. Carnage just has that eye appeal that makes everything better. (Marvel, please…please make a Car-2-D-2 Variant!!)

These books may never increase in value, or get you to early retirement, but we love to hunt them down. They are not easy to find and just look awesome. If you get them cheap enough and end up making a few bucks in the process, that is just a bonus. Enjoy what you buy and you will never work…oops, wrong saying. Please feel free to comment if you find any of these!


  • Ben C

    Excellent as always my friend, thanks!

  • denby23

    Great job Ben! Always look forward to your article

  • Avatar

    The lady on the Fearless Defenders cover is not Valkyrie, but Hypolita.

  • Khoi Cakes

    I’ve never even seen or heard of any of these lol. Nice.

  • SomaXD

    Ive been putting together the “Ultimate Joe Madureira Collection” for years now, and have come across A few Ghosts for me… dont think theyre particularly valuable, but theyre either super rare, or low print and obscure that id say its almost impossible to complete your own “Ultimate Mad Collection” without some extreme luck!

    First up – Xin: Legend of the Monkey King #1 Museum Edition. I dont know a whole lot about the Museum Editions in general (other than CGC wont grade them though due to the cover overhang), but i know only 25 of them exist, and i own one! This was probably the hardest book ive ever searched for, and out of sheer luck found one.

    The second book i have that was extremely difficult to find was Spider-Man: The Manga #28 (Cover by Joe Madureira)
    Both #28 and #29 are the same image (#29 is cropped a little closer)
    Ive searched for #28 for years. Ive had #29, but ive never seen 28 until recently, and even then, i had to bargain with the guy selling it, since he was selling the entire run (1-31) for a few hundred dollars… fortunately i was able to get him to part with just the one issue. If i see this issue anywhere else ever again… im for sure grabbing it.

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