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Walking Dead Art Challenge Ebay Links

This was posted on the CBSI Google Plus page by Scott Robertson

The CBSI Walking Dead Charity Art Challenge
First and foremost, I need to say thanks to all the artists that donated their time and talents to this event, +Horacio Q , +Anthony L , +Topher S , +Matthew Arnold,+Marq Romero, +Matthew Sumpter  , +Michael Quint , +Rory DuBose, +Jared Barber , +Justin Winchester, +Joel Campos, and +John Brown

These guys put in a lot of time and talent to create their covers and we had a wide range of topics covered in the artwork. CBSI truly has some creative people.

I also need to thank the crew at CBSI for letting me put this challenge on in the Google + group, This includes but not limited to  +Ben C , +Iñigo Saenz,+Khoi Cakes, +Shaun Leggitt, +Scott Reagan, +Jon Z  and all the other mods on this group that helps me and the rest of the group on a regular basis. Also, want to say thanks for all contributions that they make to the CBSI Website and Thank you for allowing me to post these eBay links here to the group, as I know that normally eBay links are not allowed.

I need to also thank each and every member of CBSI for all your past support and future support of our Art Challenges, you guys really are the best group of people that I know. One of the things that sets this group apart from other groups is our sense of community. We continually give back to the community.

I need to say thanks to +Anthony L who always steps up and helps me out in the behind the scenes of these challenges., I truly could not do these without, my friend!

After much discussion and debate, we have had a change of plans on how to generate funds for Charity. The end decision was to place the books up for Ebay Auction and not to razz them off. This was not an easy decision to make.

The Walking Dead Art Challenge is not just a Challenge to the artists in our group to create a great cover but it's a challenge to our members to show their generosity to the less fortunate. So I challenge each of you to place a bid on the book that you like!

I ask my fellow CBSI members to show your generosity and support by placing a bid on your favorite covers. I also ask that you share these links with your family and friends. Remember that 50% of the proceeds are going to charity and the remaining proceeds will go to the Artist. (except for mine and +Anthony L Covers as we are pledging all of our proceeds to Charity)

The Artist of the cover that generates the most money gets to decide what charity all the funds will be donated to.

Links to the eBay Auctions are below
The Auctions will end next Sunday @ or around 7 pm next Sunday, right before the Walking Dead airs. Good luck to everyone who bids!

Joel Campos

Michael Quint

Justin Winchester

Matthew Arnold

Rory DuBose

Scott Robertson

Matthew Arnold

Topher Seal

Jared Barber

Anthony Levine – Signed by Adlard

Horacio Q

John Brown

Matthew Sumpter

Marq Romero

Best of luck to everyone and remember that this is for Charity!


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