1Winter Soldier #1 Incentive Gabriele Dell Otto Variant Cover (2012) Marvel Comics

1185151_ful WRITER: Ed Brubaker
ARTIST: Butch Guice
The book is going insane right now. We have had raw copies sell for over $400 on two occasions, and a 9.8 copy from Australia sold for $850 yesterday. As of today, there are only 9 copies in the CGC census. Dell'Otto has absolutely blown up this month, there is no other way to say it. This is potentially the rarest variant that he has done for Marvel. The odds that very many stores ordered 50 copies of this book in 2012 are slim to none.  Regardless of anything, this book is a monster and has a “chance” to overtake the X-23 #1 variant if its trajectory stays on the same course.

2 Spider-Man Vol 2 #2 Cover C Incentive J Scott Campbell Captain America 75th Anniversary Variant Cover (2016) Marvel Comics

1525213_xl WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
ARTIST: Sara Pichelli
I know people don't like variants and only want dollar box books in the Top 10. The problem is, books like this are the hottest books of the week. A large number of copies sold from $50-$70 in the past 3 days, a staggering amount if you look at the data. Campbell variants with men on the cover usually fizzle quickly or don't even get much traction to start. This book did. It's a great cover. I don't think it will stay hot for long, but throughout the week, this was a monster.

The Walking Dead Vol.1 #92 (2011) Image Comics

WRITER: Robert Kirkman
ARTIST: Charlie Adlard
People are still gobbling up the 1st appearance of Jesus quicker than Texans buying grilled hot dogs at Burger King. Walking Dead books, especially books with significant events or 1st appearances, sell and sell well consistently. He is a major character with a role in the present story arcs as well. His character was perfectly portrayed on screen by Tom Payne (no relation to Simon). As his role grows larger in the show, more and more people will be looking for this book (based on sales for the past 2 weeks). Good book with a high ceiling in my opinion.


4 Original Sin #7 Cover D Incentive Gabriele Dell Otto Variant Cover (2014) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Jason Aaron
ARTIST: Mike Deodato
This book was $15 a few weeks back. It's now selling for over $85 and is almost non-existent for buyers at the moment. It's an incredible cover by Dell'Otto. As more and more people discover this man's talent, his variants and harder to find books will continue to go up in value. With books like the X-23 and Winter Soldier fetching prices that are out-of-reach for most collectors, the next tier is what people are searching for and buying. Great book, with a chance to increase in value very quickly if more get put up for sale.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers  #0 ComicsPro Red Ranger Variant  (2016) Boom Studios!!

WRITER: Kyle Higgins
ARTIST: Daniel Bayless
You can hate on the MMPR all you want right now, but nobody can deny it's been one of the hottest books of 2016. If you don't believe me, look at the amount of copies of this book that sold in the past week. It's still selling above $300 with no slowdown in sight. In all honesty, after reading #0 and #1 this week, Boom has something special brewing. Of all the books I read this week, MMPR #1 was the best read. Kyle Higgins is obviously talented and has killed it through 2 issues. If they can continue with the momentum and keep up the quality work, all the early variants will have legs.


6 Moon Knight Vol 7 #1 Cover E Incentive Bill Sienkiewicz Variant Cover (2014) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Warren Ellis
ARTIST: Declan Shelvey
Our very own Jonathan M pointed this book out earlier in the week and he was spot on. The Sienkiewicz Moon Knight variant is now reaching the $250 mark raw. It's a 1:75 variant and is just flat out scarce. There are 12 copies in the census if that tells you anything. The Granov variant from the same line is just as hot hitting close to a $100 right now. Based on the print run as estimated by Comichron, there aren't more than 775 copies of this in existence. Buy, and buy fast.


7 Marvel Premiere Vol. 1 #15 (1974) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Roy Thomas
ARTIST: Gil Kane
The political correctness police of the internet are up in arms this week as usual. Netflix cast a white man to play Danny Rand, a white man in the comics. Apparently people are up in arms because an Asian American wasn't cast to play the part. Would it make sense to turn the Black Panther into a Hispanic? No, but this is the world we live in right now. With the announcement, Danny Rand's 1st appearance saw a huge pump this week and a ton of sales on eBay. If done right, this book has a chance to follow the Netflix hype train into inflated prices… followed by a huge decline two weeks after the show airs. Iron Fist is a great character and has had some amazing runs in the past 5 years. I hope the character does well to be honest.


Walking Dead #100 2nd Print (2012) Image Comics

WRITER: Robert Kirkman
ARTIST: Charlie Adlard
In a few weeks time, people who don't read the Walking Dead are going to hate Negan more than Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton combined. Book it! The 1st appearance of the biggest bad guy the WD universe has seen to date is still selling like coffee in Seattle. The 2nd print shows Negan on the cover with Lucille and has a black cover that is near impossible to find in NM shape. 9.8 copies are reaching $300 with raw copies hitting $75. This book will do nothing but go up. Check the 2nd/3rd print sets of 97-102 right now as well. They are blowing up on everyone's favorite auction website.


9 The Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 #700 Incentive Steve Ditko Variant Cover (2012) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Jennifer Van Meter, et al.
ARTIST: Humberto Ramos
Don't ask me why, but this book has seen some very high sales the past two weeks. Let's be honest, Ditko is kind of a dick, but the guy could draw Spider-Man better than most can right now. This was one of the 1st mega ratio variants to hit the shelves and it went crazy for awhile and came back down to earth until recently. A 9.8 just sold for $771 and a raw for $410. You won't be finding these on the shelves anywhere and they are already priced out of most people's hands, but deserved a mention this week for sure.


10 X-Infernus #1 Incentive J Scott Campbell Variant Cover

WRITER: C.B. Cebulski
ARTIST: Giuseppe Camuncoli
One of the earliest JSC Variants has now become a $200 book raw. A book that could have been had for $10 a month ago is now worth the same as Shaun Leggitt's bar tab, and for those who don't know, that's a lot. From what I can tell, this might be JSC's 1st Marvel variant. I'm not sure if that's a deciding factor in its incredible price jump recently, but it sure couldn't hurt. Magik is one of his favorite muses if you can't tell, and this is one of his best overall covers. Not sure what to think about this book's future, but if you can secure a copy now, it's for sure you won't lose money.



Mighty Avengers Vol 2 #2 Cover E 2013 NYCC Exclusive J Scott Campbell Variant Cover (2014) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Al Ewing
ARTIST: Greg Land
2,000 print run, 5 girls on the cover and drawn by JSC. A boatload of copies were bought the past few days on eBay for some reason. Either I don't know something or someone does. Worth grabbing if you can find some I'm afraid.


Immortal Iron Fist #1 2nd Print Dellotto Variant Cover (2007) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Matt Fraction
ARTIST: David Aja
One of the harder to find Dell'Otto covers just became even more difficult this past week. All copies of this dried up out of nowhere. The Dell'Otto train has picked up a lot of people recently and this 2nd print variant of #1 was under the radar with copies sitting at $5-7 for years. Not anymore.

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  • Avatar

    I don’t really see any recent sales of Mighty Avengers 2 variant on eBay… last ones I noticed were purchase back in early/mid February. I’ll have to keep an eye out.

    • Ben C

      It should show you completed sales of multiple qty items, there are a few sellers I noticed that sold a LOT of this book in the last week and have since raised prices. Those sellers are NOT affiliated with CBSI.

  • Avatar

    Also, that Iron Fist cover looks DOPE

  • Avatar

    Spot on list for the week, well done. Winter soldier #1 really has taken off into the stratosphere the last couple of weeks!

  • Avatar

    Great list!

    Anyone else think that Negan will be around for a long time and we haven’t seen him at his worst (or best) yet?

    Passed on Spider-man #2 JSC as I didn’t think is would do so well. Kudos to those who have it.

  • Marq

    Glad to see Sienkiewicz on the list. Will definitely be on the lookout for that one. Sick cover. I’ve also been on the hunt for the Sienkiewicz Elektra #1 1:75 variant.

  • MakGalleries

    YESSSSSS!! Just scored the Winter Soldier for $35!!!!

  • Avatar

    Spider-Man 700 has been growing in all brackets not just the 1:200 I offloaded 5 of them for $15-20 each for a regular cover which is kinda insane for such a recent book.

  • Avatar

    Dell Otto and Campbell have been hyped massively over the past few months and low and behold prices have risen and 6 of the 12 books feature said artists. This feels like self fulfilled prophecy type speculation and people are buying what they’re told to buy rather than what they want/like/believe in.

    Sorry to be a bit negative but I don’t know if CBSI realizes how much influence they have on buyers… Or perhaps they do, which is even worse!

    • Trey

      So are we supposed to not report what people are buying and what is currently popular? I also wasn’t aware that we “made” people buy anything. Negativity is fine, but we aren’t going to change our approach. If anyone would like to know authors or anyone’s ebay handles feel free to ask. The funniest part of most accusations against this site, is we manipulate the market. Campbell has been popular for far longer than this site has been around.

      I had 4 different people tell me yesterday the hottest books at the Big Apple Con were Dell’Otto books which market data shows anyways.

      • Avatar

        Hi Trey why isn’t anyone approving my join request for the Google Plus group ?

      • Avatar

        I’m not saying you shouldn’t report on trends but you (not you personally) do manipulate the market… Whether you mean to or not (not just your site btw). The very fact you report on trends will have an impact on prices of certain books due to the sparked interest of thousands of followers of the CBSI site. Now I agree, you are not twisting anyone’s arm to buy but it is probably fair to say that many people are influenced by your information?

        As for the artists mentioned (particularly Dell Otto), have they been trending up? Yes. would they have risen so sharply without the constant posts on speculation websites? I’m not so sure.

        Are you saying that no author who posts a spec on the site is investing in the very book(s) they are posting about? That seems naive to me. Why would they not be speculating on the books they feel will gain in value? You may not be but I’m sure some are? If not then I stand corrected.

        Look, it seems like a genuinely nice community of collectors but to say the site does not (perhaps inadvertently) influence some comic prices/trends is crazy.

    • Avatar

      When you look at ebay completed sales, you can clearly see that increase in sales for books listed here took place far before the posting of Top10. This list is simply a reflection of sales, which anyone can identify well in advance also, with research. With the existing market, you can make money on any comic depending on what you purchase it for, but it’s important to know that this is a hobby first and foremost for the creators of this site. They grew up collecting and enjoy discussions of all-things comics, including monitoring and reporting market trends.

      • Avatar

        Hi, I think you may have misunderstood my post slightly. I was not saying that the top 10 was influencing book prices I was saying those books are in the top 10 because of the constant hype/spec on said books. Whether deliberate or not speculation sites must have an influence on prices/trends, no?

  • Ben C

    Well put Trey, well said Walker. I look at this list as a market report, I have never interpreted this info as an attempt to manipulate the market, I view it as an update of what has recently happened in the market.

    UNLESS Someone @ this site convinced AH and JSC to be hot artists, convinced AMC to cast Jesus and debut him, convinced all these folk to buy up MP15 after they went to Netflix and convinced them to cast produce and debut Iron Fist…

    Cmon folks, look @ it realistically, no one is making anyone do anything. Its like the G+ site, 90% of it is just gathering all the market info into one place with 10% of it being discussions and theorizing on books.

    Free market people. Like it was said before, no one is making anyone do anything. If you dont like the spec, do not get involved. You want something safe? Put your money into a 1% CD or a Savings account. I promise you it is a lot less fun.

    • Avatar

      Hi, I wasn’t saying the top 10 is manipulating the market, I was saying the top 10 is mostly formed due to the hype/promotion of certain books through speculation sites.

      I agree, no one is being forced to buy anything but you must agree that certain buyers will be heavily influenced by posts/suggestions made by very experienced collectors/speculators on any spec site not just CBSI?

      • Trey

        Fair enough Pedro, I think you are dead on your assessment. I honestly try and think about those things when I do my Top 10. I was in the same shoes as a lot of collectors when I first got back into collecting. I was influenced by an individual on a forum who was in it for personal gain, and I spent a lot of hard earned money on books that didn’t amount to anything, but money in his pockets. I don’t sell many books, but do buy a lot of books on these lists for sure. You are correct in your assessment as well that other people on this site and others buy books before writing articles. I can’t help that unfortunately. I do know this group of people we have that write for free are trustworthy individuals and good people. Outside of that I can’t control much

        • Avatar

          My join request on the Google Plus group still has not been approved ……

          • Khoi Cakes

            You’re not doing something correctly or were previously banned is the only thing I can think of. The CBSI website and the G+ page are two separate entities. If you requested to join the CBSI G+ page, I or one of the other mods would have noticed as we have been approving many joiners recently. Anyway, you can create a thread in the forum with your Google details. I will send you an invite.

  • Trey

    No email received and nobody is the que either. What’s your Google + name?

  • Avatar

    AHHHHH!!!! Variants and more variants. How about a variant Top 10 and regular Top 10.

  • Avatar

    Great list!
    Don’t forget that the J. Scott Campbell Mighty Avengers #2 from NYCC had a matching Uncanny X-Men #8 book as well. That edition is equally as rare and they make a nice set!

  • Santos

    Sweet. If anyone finds that dell otto Iron fist holla at yo boi!!!

  • Avatar

    I sold a copy of Iron Fist #1 2nd print Dell’otto on the bay for 90$

    I have another copy in my PC.

    Also working on possibly getting my hands on another.

    I have this feeling that book will explode!! Especially with Iron Fist coming to Netflix!

    Have to admit though, that is one sweet action cover!!


  • Avatar

    I like this site and the list, but I’m not one for variant covers. I would hope that there could be a top ten list of non variant books that are in demand.
    Call me silly

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