Variant Heat Check for 2/23/16


Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth (2009) #1 Mcguinness Sketch Variant

Deadpool Merc with a Mouth #1 sketch Variant

HEAT CHECK STATUS: radioactive

Deadpool is on fire at the box office, breaking all kinds of records for R rated movies. At this rate, those poor children will never see another Fox super-hero movie.

Walking Dead #100 97-102 2nd/3rd print Variants

Walking Dead #97-102 Connecting VariantsHEAT CHECK STATUS: pepperpepperpepperpepper

We are getting closer to the actual appearance of Negan with each episode of Walking Dead. Will it be anti-climatic? or will all things Negan explode? This set is closing in on $200, while amazingly, the 1st print covers are nearing $100.

Deadpool / Spider-Man #1 Gamestop Exclusive

Spider-Man / Deadpool #1 Gamestop Variant

HEAT CHECK STATUS: pepperpepperpepper

The prices on this book have varied between $40-$125, but the one thing that is certain is that this book is still moving like hot cakes.

Superman: The Coming of the Supermen #1

Superman the Coming of the Supermen #1 Sketch Variant

Drops this week!

Everyone is eating up the Neal Adams variants, so I will go out on a limb here and say that this one will be eaten up as well.

Note: Variants appearing in the Top 10 will not appear on this list due to contractual obligations.

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  • Khoi Cakes

    Always on top of the game bro. Many a times I have scratched my head at some of your picks and then come back later and regretted not jumping on them even at the prices they commanded at the time. Good stuff.

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