Nick Fury Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. 4

Good ol' Nick Fury. The man is cool whether he’s black or white, bald or with a full head of hair. Jim Steranko’s work on the original Nick Fury series is probably what got him some of his recognition back then and as a collector who is somewhat new to his artwork I completely understand why.

Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD #1

Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD #4

This cover just has so much going on. Aside from all the different subjects on the cover it has that trippy spiral design and a brief synopsis of what is going to happen in the issue! Pretty impressive if you ask me.

Super Soldiers #6Super Soldiers 6 – A Marvel UK book released in the early 90’s…I’d say this book has what we in the biz like to call INVESTMENT POTENTIAL!!! 100 Bullets #12100 Bullets 12 – A modern, French version of Nick Fury …
Wolverine #27Wolverine 27 – Nick Fury manages to make it on to an homage of his old cover but Wolverine steals the show Invincible Iron Man 15Invincible Iron Man 15 – Don’t know how many times I have seen this cover in my LCS and had to convince myself to spend my money elsewhere. I’m having a hard enough time tracking down certain variant sets … I blame sadjunk!
Marvel Zombies 2 #4

Marvel Zombies 2 4 – I loved the idea of Marvel Zombies when it was first released. Now I’m pretty much zombied out.

Doc Savage #1Doc Savage 1 – Alex Ross’s homage to Jim Steranko…
Loki-Agent-of-Asgard-1-Frank-Cho-Color-Variant-310885595912Loki Agent of Asgard 1 Cho Variant – This cover is good enough for this article but I doubt many people paid 1:50 variant prices for it. Black Market 1 Phantom VariantBlack Market 1 Phantom Variant – Phantom variants are always good for an homage or two
G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes Agent of Cobra 1G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes Agent of Cobra 1 – I have never read this. Why has Snake Eyes gone over to Cobra? Hank Johnson:Agent of Hydra 1Hank Johnson:Agent of Hydra 1 – Another book I almost bought but thought better of.

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