Wonder Woman (Vol 3) #30 – 1:10 Variant – May 2009

Wonder Woman #30 Middleton VariantWelcome back to another episode of Covers from the Unknown! I believe it is a foregone conclusion that as excited as everyone is to see Batman vs Superman, one of the stars that could take over that movie is Wonder Woman. I have slowly started to see her comics take off, and I believe it's only on the up and up from here. To jump right into this, I give you Wonder Woman #30, from volume 3, the 1:10 variant by Josh Middleton. I am not sure how this cover slipped past me all these years, but this is a must have IMHO. This is not exactly Hughes, JSC, Granov material, but this, in its simplicity is Wonder Woman at her finest. It almost looks like this cover could come to life.

There are exactly 3 of these on the bay and amazon at this moment. If you are going to act on one of these, I would do it quick. Don't second guess. It could quickly be a $50 book. The 3 that are out there right now, are all under that. For print run, the regular series had a print run of 30k. But I also know not many stores ordered even 10 copies of Wonder Woman at this time. So, I could say there are about 3,000 of these out there, but I think I may be lying in doing so. I fear it is much less. Get em now! Happy Hunting Fellas!


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