DC Premium #17 – JLA: Schwerter der Zeit by Gabriele Dell’Otto (German)

I have been working on a Gabriele Dell'Otto cover checklist for the last few days, which we will probably publish sometime this week. I have done a bit of research on his European exclusives and I am glad to say I found another DC cover (which is not very common for Dell'Otto).

The cover is for a German edition of JLA: Gatekeeper published in the DC Premium series (a series of TPBs/HCs that reprints minis and one-shots) back in October 2002.

Always nice to see his interpretation of the Trinity, right?


Bonus: A Familiar Cover

DC Premium #38: Batman Die Akten (July 2005)
UntitledGerman Edition of the following comics:

  • Batman: The man who laughs
  • Batman/Joker: Switch
  • Batman/Poison Ivy: Cast shadows

Yes, that's the same cover as featured in this other article, but it was published a while before, so this is actually the first edtion of this cover. The French edition might be more interesting as it's a virgin cover, but I'm including this one here for all you chronofans!


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