Classic Cover of the Week 2/15/16


New Week, New Covers!!

 ZOOT #14

ZOOT #14

Classic Matt Baker Rulah Good Girl cover.  Actually used in SOTI, and despite the larger number on the census, this book commands a fair price.

36 Universal copies with an average of 7.26.  2 9.4s in the top spot, 3 4.0s in the bottom spot.

SHELF DATE of March 1948








Though a very short run of only 9 issues, this run features some great covers including issue #5 which features Ditko's 1st pro work.  Iger Shop brings it with this cover.  I have long debated trying to make this run, affordable copies are out there of most issues.

5 Universal copies with an average of 8.48.  A single 9.4, 2 8.5s and an 8.0.  Pretty impressive grades though raw examples are all over the internet.

SHELF DATE of September 1953

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