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This morning I had the second industry source message me and confirm one of the bigger rumors I have heard in awhile. In Batman #50 one of the most iconic and cherished characters in the Batman world, Alfred Pennyworth will die. No details were given on how, but regardless the events in issue #50 will have long lasting effects on anyone in the Batman universe. Poor Alfred, they took his hand away and now this. : (

Issue #50 is going to be a monster to begin with. DC is doing polybags again and promotions associated with Batman V Superman. There are going to be sketch covers again by some of the industry titans as they were with Harley and few other issues. Stephen Platt and Bill Sienkiewicz have showed their hands for their prizes inserted into the #50 lottery. S.Platt is doing autographs on his sketch variant for Detective #50 and Bill Sienkiewicz did one of the most amazing OA sketches of Batman for Detective Comics #50 as well. DC for legal reasons can't discuss them because of lottery rules in the United States.



The real question in regards to speculation is………………who will replace Alfred.

The two that came to mind to me are either Julia Pennyworth (Detective Comics Vol.1 #501) or Harper Row aka Bluebird (Batman Vol.2 #7). Julia and Harper have had some pretty big roles recently in Batman Eternal Vol 1 and Vol 2 which is ongoing. Julia also played a huge role in Endgame last year which makes her the leader in the clubhouse in my opinion. Her taking over for her father would make the most sense.

I think Harper has huge potential long-term though and it was shown in the “Point One” storyline that Harper plays a huge role in the future of Batman. Will she replace Alfred as more of an Oracle type? Who knows, to be honest. Big



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