Top 5 Deadpool’s Lowest Print Runs

With the Deadpool movie coming up this week (83% fresh at Rotten Tomatoes right now, but I am keeping my expectations very low), I thought it would be nice to take a look back and see which Deadpool issues have the lowest print runs. Most of the books below have estimated print runs that do not reach 20K, so you just know that someone out there will not be able to find them.

I have avoided alternative Deadpools on the top 5, because the numbers for those are even lower than the rest. Also, I would like to thank Scott Robertson, who compiled the Diamond sales data and pretty much kicks ass. Thanks Scott!


Deadpool Team-Up #884

Deadpool Team-Up #884

Estimated Print Run: 15,526

The issue before last of the series and you would expect the very last issue to have an even lower print run, but the last issue came with a variant, which would explain why it had a few more copies printed. Some beautiful Jacob Chabot art on this one, plus the Watcher gets his hands dirty!!!

In any case, issues #889-883 (yes, it was numbered backwards) of this series are below 20K. Possibly my second favourite Deadpool run (after Kelly's), which benefitted from having different creators and characters on each issue.


Deadpool Corps #11

Deadpool Corps #11

Estimated Print Run: 15,538

Pretty much the same case as the Team-Up series, in fact both of them ended up the same month and shared the same variant. Someone at Marvel realized that Deadpool fans couldn't support 3 regular series, plus specials and mini-series. This being the kind of industry it is, it seems they have forgotten and they are trying to do the same thing again. OK, so instead of alternative versions of Deadpool they are using forgotten Marvel characters, but whatever ….

Starting at issue #7, all issues of the series are under 20K as fans realized Liefeld was not coming back.


Deadpool Family


Estimated Print Run: 17,392

Three new stories and a reprint sold as a one-shot (no matter how great Jason Pearson's cover might be) doesn't sound like a very good proposition. For whatever the reason, readers felt they could live without this comic. To be honest, I don't remember reading this thing at all, so it must be very forgettable.


Baby's First Deadpool Book


Estimated Print Run: 17,461

Fun little one-shot, which parodied books for children in a variety of styles. A bit of a risky proposition considering the state the market was on at the time and the poor sense of humor of a readership who was clamoring to get Busiek and Perez on the Avengers. Even Encyclopedia Deadpoolica got printed in bigger numbers than this.


What if: Venom / Deadpool

What If Venom Possessed Deadpool

Estimated Print Run: 17,609

Nothing much to say about this one … We all know how crazy it's gotten. It has Deadpool and Venom and it's written by Remender, and it's a reprint but no one seems to care about that. In fact, people are still eating it up.

Wolverine And Deadpool Decoy


Estimated Print Run: 19,025

I mention this book every chance I get … Look at the print run, now look at the characters involved … I know this has been eclipsed by the What If one-shot with Venom, but come on!!! I don't know if it's just a case of the book being so uncommon that people haven't caught up with it or that people just don't care. I would say this is a good book to have regardless.

Deadpool Max & Pulp


Estimated Print Run: Disappointing

Deadpool Max started at an OKish 29,176 and dropped to 14,507 by the time it was over. Deadpool Max II went down from 15,865 to 11,564. Deadpool Pulp started just over 20K to end up at 14,085. I am not saying any of these will make you a millionaire, but at some point in the near future there will be more than 20,000 Deadpool fanatics out there, right?


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