Industry Giants Part 2

This week I would like to shine the spotlight on more industry greats with a focus on the modern era. Today there are an amazing assortment of wonderful artists working in comics and they truly represent the global community that the industry has become. (You can find Part 1 here!)

Esad Ribic

Primarily a Marvel artist, Ribic has put together quite a sweet portfolio. His dynamic style continues to impress with each project he does. His first two works as a penciler came out simultaneously in the series below and his first cover was in Codename: Scorpio!

Andrea Sorrentino

Also a Marvel artist, Italian creator Andrea is an exceptional talent who is currently working on Old Man Logan. I loved his work on the underappreciated New 52 series I Vampire. He was first published in…

and his first cover art…


Ivan Reis

Ivan is one of my all time favorite artists. He’s a Brazilian comic artists who has worked on a bit of everything over his career. His first published work was for Dark Horse’s Ghost 17 which came out the same month as the Wonder Woman Gallery below.

His first cover work was for the Lightning Comics publication – Hellina Heart of Thorns where he did all three covers.

Fiona Staples

Personally I am not a big fan of Fionna but she’s quite a popular artist these days. Her first pro work was in Elsinore 4 but she’s gone on to draw one of the more popular Image books in the company's history. Over the last few years she has won numerous awards and generated quite a fanbase.


Dexter Soy

OK so this guy is another personal favorite of mine having drawn everything from Captain Marvel to Mortal Kombat! He may not be as well known as most of the others on this list but if you are looking for an artists who is self-taught and produces the highest of quality work then I suggest you give him a look.


Kenneth Rocafort

Ken’s first published effort is also his first cover work and I love it. My only recommendation would be a tiny bit bigger sword! If you love comics then you definitely know his work. He’s a prolific cover artist who any aspiring creator should study.


Alex Garner

I didn’t know too much about this guy and should credit the CBSI G+ page for cluing me in on this dude. He’s been around since the release of the Deathmate Preview! As far as I can tell his first pro art work was published in the Stormwatch Sourcebook! You may not think much of the example below but a quick look at his cover for Invincible Iron Man 2 illustrates just how far he has come.


Greg Capullo

When you read Batman New 52 it’s hard to not get caught up in the detail and sequential storytelling of Greg. Sure the writer and colorist help out but Greg makes that book stand out in a sea of incredible modern work. His first published work was in the hard to find Gore Shriek title and his first cover was this twisted piece for issue 4.

Mike Del Mundo

Mike does a bit of everything; inks, colors, pencils but he is really known for his mesmerizing cover work. His fluid line work and intricate coloring is some of the best i have ever seen put to paper.

Gabriele Dell’Otto

Gabriele’s first published work and cover is this rare slipcase for a foreign Spider-Man reprint collection.


His first comic covers are from these foreign editions of Wolverine. The first is an oddity as it really looks like nothing he has done before. It is not particularly good art but it is quite rare. Wolverine 47 is more in line with what he is know for.

and finally Gabriele’s first American work is the cover art for this forgotten series.


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