Classic Cover of the Week 2/8/16


New Week, New Covers!!

Bomber Comics #4

Bomber Comics #4

Classic WWII cover that is a swipe/stolen idea from Sensation Comics #13.  Very few copies of this are known to exist, though surprisingly there are a few on ebay if you are wiling to pay asking prices.

11 Universal CGC copies with an average grade of 5.09.  Top of the chart is a single 7.5 with a lone 3.5 at the bottom

SHELF DATE of February 1945





 The Challenger #1

The Challenger #nn

An amazing and pretty rare book.  Great cover by Elmer Stoner dropping a Truth Bomb in the face of Fascism…   CBCS just graded one, outside of that I have never seen this before.  Not sure if it will come to market, but if it does I expect fireworks.
There is a single 6.0 on the CGC census.  Book redefines scarce.  Only other known copy is the 4.0 CBCS just showed off.

SHELF DATE of October 1945

As always, thanks for looking, folks!


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