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Crazy for cover swipes logoI am hoping to do an article on the Neal Adams homages as soon as they are all released. In the meantime, here are some homages to Incredible Hulk 1.

THE INCREDIBLE HULK #1Incredible Hulk #1

This comic has been gaining in popularity the past few years and I think it is well deserved. Hulk is such a simple yet complex character. Deep down he just wants to do right by the people he loves. I think that speaks to every human being in some way.

She-Hulk #1

Savage She-Hulk 1

I really never noticed this as an homage to Hulk 1 but it definitely is. I love this book and pick it up anytime I see it at a decent price.

Incredible Hulk #324Incredible Hulk 324

This book gained some steam last year before Avengers: Age of Ultron came out but has since cooled off. Still a very cool homage

Elf-Thing #1Elf-Thing 1

This book is for every member of the CBSI family. Notice what it says in the pink bubble in the upper right corner? Speculator’s Edition 1!

Sensational She-Hulk #15Sensational She-Hulk 15

I find this cover to be frightening…She-Hulk looks like Chyna from WWE with curly hair. That woman is scary!

Incredible Hulk #393Incredible Hulk 393

I bought this book off the rack way back when. I thought it was a cool cover then and I still do now.

Incredible Hulk #474Incredible Hulk 474

For some reason I don’t like this homage as much as 393. This one looks more rushed than the other maybe?

What If General Ross Had Become the Hulk?What If General Ross Had Become the Hulk?

Does this really seem so far-fetched? Isn’t this guy the Red Hulk??

Hulk #1 Ed McGuinness VariantHulk #1 Ed McGuinness Variant

See? I told you Ross becomes the Red Hulk!

Mighty Thor 7 Marvel 50th Anniversary VariantMighty Thor 7 Marvel 50th Anniversary Variant

I believe I highlighted this book in one of my earlier articles. Very nicely done.

Totally Awesome Hulk #1 Frank Cho VariantTotally Awesome Hulk 1 Cho Variant

I don’t have a huge problem with a new Hulk, I just want to understand where the old one went!

Hulk #16 Ed McGuinness VariantHulk #16 Ed McGuinness Variant

CBSI FACT! There's officially a Deadpool version for every cover in existence ever.

Savage She-Hulk #22 Ed McGuinness Zombie VariantSavage She-Hulk #22 Ed McGuinness Zombie Variant

Swipes of swipes are the new creativity!

Indestructible Hulk #1 Phantom VariantIndestructible Hulk #1 Phantom Variant

Another great version of the original layout.

 Skullkickers #1 Variant

Skullkickers #1 Variant

Nothing like a good swipe to feel readers right at home with a new series!

 Hulk Omnibus #1 Alex Ross Cover

Hulk Omnibus #1 Alex Ross Cover

Pretty cool homage by Alex Ross.

Hulk: The Beauty and the BehemothHulk: The Beauty and the Behemoth

A couple of TPBs to finish, one that really doesn't make you want to grab the book, does it?

Hulk: TransformationsHulk: Transformations

… and another one by McGuinness (third one on the list) but they all look fun to me.

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