1 X-Men Vol.2 #205 Campbell Variant (2008) Marvel Comics

210d4229c4e93f1784a8b5bdf297ce55 WRITER: Mike Carey
ARTIST: Chris Bachalo
This book kind of came out of left-field this past week. If you think about it though, it makes sense. This is one of the early JSC variants and it has X-23 on the cover. You'd be hard-pressed to find a hotter combination in the comic world right now. This book could have been had a few weeks back for $25-40 bucks all day. Now it's reaching the $100 mark and should continue to climb. JSC books have gone insane the past few weeks. People enjoy his pervers……um work.

2 Detective Comics Vol 2 #49 Cover B Variant Neal Adams Cover (2016) DC Comics

1500933_xl WRITER: Peter Tomasi
ARTIST: Fernando Pasarin
If someone had told me last week this book was going to be #2, I would have called you crazy. That being said, this was easily the book of the week for new items. It was more difficult to find than people thought and sold out everywhere early Wed. Copies are still selling well around the $10 mark. I wouldn't hold onto copies if you bought them to flip. The Tsunami has already hit.

3 Batman Vol.1 #570 (1999) DC Comics

WRITER: Brownlyn Carlton
ARTIST: Mike Deodato Jr
Of all the books that have flown under the radar for a long time, this is honestly one I'm glad to see finally get some attention. I don't know why, but this book saw a huge jump in numbers recently. It's the 2nd appearance of Harley Quinn in DC continuity. The 1st was a graphic novel basically in Batman: Harley Quinn. This is her 1st appearance in a real Batman comic book. There are only 17 copies in the census of a 9.8 grade as well. As BA #12 and B:HQ move further out of the reach of new collectors, this book has a chance to increase in value tremendously.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (BOOM Studios) #0 Cover F Incentive Green Ranger Variant Cover (2016) Boom Studios!!

WRITER: Kyle Higgins
ARTIST: Daniel Bayliss
This book is doing better than the White variant!!! Don't ask me how, but the value and frequency of copies purchased the last week was astounding. This book has closed the gap on the White. I'm not sure if it's investors who can't afford the White and want in on the Power Rangers play, or if kids these days like the Green Ranger better. These books are still hot and selling well. Boom! has a hit on their hands.


Deadpool vs. X-Force Vol. 1 #1 (2015) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Duane Swierczynski
ARTIST: Pepe Larraz
JSC strikes again! The book carried over momentum from last week and has gone up even further this week with multiple sales over the $100 mark. I'm not sure if it's just people going crazy over JSC again, Deadpool movie hype, or a combination of both. JSC dude books usually don't do very well. This and the ASM #688 variant seem to be the exception to the rule.


6 New Mutants Vol. 1 #98 (1991) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Fabian Nicieza
ARTIST: Rob Liefeld
One of the true modern grails in the eBay era. Don't listen to idiots who talk about print run in regards to this book. This book won't ever go down in high grade. The character is too popular. That being said, the market will be flooded in the next week with 9.8's and raw copies. The raws went crazy this past week in mid to high grade. They will probably lose some percentage of value in the next few weeks due to the flooding. The sheer amount of copies sold this last week was staggering though. Would you rather have a Deadpool 1st appearance or the 1st appearance of Mera? Here in ‘Merica the answer is easy: )


Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen Vol. 1 #134 (1970) DC Comics

WRITER: Jack Kirby
ARTIST: Jack Kirby
I was at the CalComicCon this past weekend in Yorba Linda and this book had people running from booth to booth when it opened scurrying to buy copies. People were buying up every raw copy that was being offered and price didn't matter. Darkseid will make an appearance in a DC/WB down the road, it's just a matter of time. This book will cool down in a few months and prices will stabilize because there isn't any instant gratification or news. This will be the time to buy.


El Diablo Vol. 3 #1 (2008) DC Comics

WRITER: Jai Nitz
ARTIST: Phil Hester
People are still buying this book in droves. I'm not sure if it's because it's one of the more affordable Suicide Squad character 1st appearances, or if the trailer has brought renewed interest in the character. Outside of Harley, I must say he was the one character that held the screen the best for me. This sold all week long at $25 and some higher than that. This will cool, but should be a decent investment in the short-term. I'm just afraid he will be one of the characters to bite it in the movie. You know Waller is hitting the button on someone……..


Sandman Vol 2. #4 (1989) DC/Vertigo

WRITER: Neil Gaiman
ARTIST: Sam Keith
I'm not sure if everyone is watching Lucifer on Fox right now, but if you aren't, you are missing out. This show is pretty awesome so far. Only 2 episodes in and they have done an excellent job in the portrayal of this character. The people who are watching must be gobbling up copies of this book. Raws and 9.8's had another good week on eBay. If the show grows like it has the potential to in my eyes, more and more non-comic people will be looking to buy this book. Think Walking Dead but on a minuscule scale. I'm curious if they will bring in any other Vertigo characters for cameos. (Constantine please!!!)


10 Uncanny X-Men Vol.3 #19 Campbell Sketch Variant (2014) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
ARTIST: Chris Bachalo
With a majority of the higher end JSC variants being priced to the max and keeping normal collectors at bay, people are now searching for the next big Campbell cover. The three mentioned on today's Top 10 show that, in all honesty. They can't afford the Wolverine #1 incentive, Siege #1 incentive, and a few of the other thousand dollar plus range books. These are still affordable and pretty good covers. The sketch is rarer than the color obviously, and people are grabbing them at a high rate at the moment. This saw $100 prices at release, then cooled quickly and is now a $100 book again.


Batman Vol.2 #21 Combo Variant (2014) DC Comics

WRITER: Scott Snyder
ARTIST: Greg Capullo
If you aren't reading DC comics right now, you might not know this. Duke Thomas is getting a huge push, and will play a SIGNIFICANT role in the DC Rebirth. This combo is super rare and hard to find. If you don't believe me, just look at the CGC census. This book in high grade has the chance to make someone a lot of money in a few years. Just remember this post : )


Batman Vol.2 #7 Combo Variant (2014) DC Comics

WRITER: Scott Snyder
ARTIST: Greg Capullo
Almost the same thing I said about #21 can be said about #7. There are slightly more copies of the #7 combo out there, but it doesn't dilute the fact that Harper will be a huge character in Bat books down the line. Her origin was teased this week in Eternal for those not reading. You won't believe who killed her mother and set Harper on the path to being Bluebird.

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