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First week of the month, so we trade the –yaaaawwwwn- thrilling Deadpool Meme vs DC's Adult Coloring book line-wide variant duel for:

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Neal Adams vs Michael Cho

DC's gimmick this month is legend Neal Adams paying tribute to himself while Marvel has Michael Cho going design and color crazy at the company's most popular characters. My personal taste makes me more interested in Cho's ratio variants, but, if they really have to keep putting out line-wide variants, I would say both of these are a step up from last month's.

How did we choose the books this week, you ask? We took the ones that were sold out at Midtown Comics on Monday and broke them down into two polls: indies and DC/Marvel. Then we created a third poll with some of the other books that looked interesting.

But before we jump to what you guys had to say …

The Forgotten One

Spider-Man #1 Spider-Man #1 Michael Cho Variant
This book was not included in any of the polls, but only because it stands to reason that this book will do well. People can't get enough of Miles Morales and it's great to have him in the regular Marvel Universe. Bendis and Pichelli can do no wrong with this character. Will this be spec-worthy, though?

The Indie Ones

Once again this poll was the one with the least amount of votes, which might mean that people are not so interested in these titles. I mean, sometimes a low print run means that there's just not a lot of demand, right?

Bad Moon Rising #5Bad Moon Rising #5 (4%)

It's 451 Media so the day they make a movie out of this and we realize no one bought a copy it will hurt. But we will heal, don't you worry.

I Mage #1 Jonboy Meyers Variant 1/1500I Mage #1 Jonboy Meyers Variant 1/1500 (10%)

Sounds a bit like Battle Chasers to me, but this issue has a Jason Pearson variant that I wouldn't really mind getting my hands on.

Voracious #1Voracious #1 (40%)

With a tagline like JURASSIC PARK MEETS TOP CHEF! this book seems like an instant classic for fans of time travel, cooking and dinosaurs or any combination of those elements. How many of those are out there? That's the real question.

Steam Wars: Bounty Hunters #2Steam Wars: Bounty Hunters #2 (46%)

Antarctic Press doing their thing … Yes, the logo looks a bit like the Star Wars logo. Yes, that looks like Boba Fett. This is the company that put out a book called Steampunk Palin. ‘Nuff said!

The Marvel & DC Variant Ones

Deadpool & The Mercs For Money #1 Design VariantDeadpool & The Merc$ For Money #1 Design Variant (9%)

No idea why this cover was sold out, as design variants normally don't do well. Is that a new Foolkiller design that's featured here for the first time, maybe?

Scarlet Witch #3 Siya Oum VariantScarlet Witch #3 Siya Oum Variant (18%)

A community-favourite, Siya Oum delivers a fantastic cover for one of those fan-favourite characters that never seems to be done justice.

Batman Europa #4 Jock VariantBatman Europa #4 Jock Variant (26%)

In my opinion, not Jock's best Batman related work, but it still features Batman and the Joker … and it's a ratio variant, so you know people will try to get it.

Detective Comics #49 Neal Adams VariantDetective Comics #49 Neal Adams Variant (47%)

Neal Adams doing Joker, Harley Quinn and a homage to a great cover … No wonder people are going for it. If retailers, for whatever the reason, under-ordered this, we could be looking at a hit.

Best of the Rest

Midnighter #9Midnighter #9 (6%)

The main reason we picked up this book is simple: Harley Quinn (and Deadshot) is on the cover. You're probably thinking she appears in most books these days and you're half right, but considering the print run of the latest Midnighter issues (10K), this might be Harley's book with the lowest print run for a while.

Barb Wire #8Barb Wire #8 (11%)

Last issue of the series, Adam Hughes funny swimsuit cover and a series that has fallen off from the top 300. Last tracked issue was #5 with less than 5K copies.

Howard the Duck #4 Kamone Shirahama VariantHoward the Duck #4 Kamome Shirahama Variant (24%)

Howard says bye to Gwenpool and hi to Kamala. Wonderfully kawai cover, after Babs Tarr's Ms Marvel #3 variant and this, my (non-existant) daughter demands covers of Ms Marvel hugging everyone in the Marvel Universe.

Batman Europa #4Batman Europa #4 (30%)

People love the Joker. Put him in a cover and people will want to pick it up. This issue actually tied with A-Force #2 in the number of votes, so I picked the other one as #1, but only because this is the third Joker cover today.

A-Force #3 Joelle Jones VariantA-Force #3 Joëlle Jones Variant 


Joëlle Jones variants are starting to be a recurring element of this section, but I won't complain. Really good cover, fun book, can't have enough!

That's it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!


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