Spider-Man #109 Angouleme 2009 Exclusive


I wanted to write about some new cool exclusives from this year's Angoulême Festival, I promise. Money must be tight, though, as I wasn't able to find any new art on their exclusives … a couple of good looking lithographs, but hardly anything worth the hunt. If anything, I would pick up the Tribute to Otomo book, the official catalog of the exhibition to Katsuhiro Otomo, with art by dozens of great European artists. If I come across it, I might bring it back to the section, who knows?

In any case, while looking for exclusive editions worth writing about, this oldie came to my mind. An Angoulême exclusive from 2009 by none other than Adi Granov.

Limited to 2,000 copies and celebrating Brand New Day (which actually started in issue #102 of this series), this issue includes Amazing Spider-Man 559-561 and Thunderbolts: International Incident.

It can also be found online for a steal, so if you are an Adi Granov enthusiast (and who isn't?) you should give it a thought.

Will try to bring this column back in a semi-regular fashion, thanks for checking this out!

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