Secret Wars #8

Crazy for cover swipes logoI got so caught up in Snowmageddon last week that I forgot to submit an article! Luckily Inigo saved my arse once again! Thanks Inigo! This week I am going to cover some great homages to Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars 8. Most seasoned collectors are very familiar with this cover and its significance. Very recently, some new homages to this cover have been released thus prompting this article.

Secret Wars #8Secret Wars #8

Is this the first appearance of the black costume? Or is Amazing Spider-Man 252? A debate that will go on forever in nerdy houses around the globe! What’s with Spidey’s Jazz Hands anyway?

Sensational Spider-Man #31Sensational Spider-Man #31

Jazz Hands with an Iron Spidey flava!

Marvel Zombies: The Covers

Marvel Zombies: The Covers

This was a hard cover book but the cover was too good to skip.

 Amazing Spider-Man Annual #39 Amazing Spider-Man Annual #39

What exactly is Spider-Man doing in this pose? Is he about to give Mary Jane a hug? Is he blocking a bad guy from getting past him? Or defending a guy in a pick up basketball game?

WWE Superstars #11WWE Superstars #11

Tremendous cover…I bought this just for the cover. Growing up in the 80’s Hulk Hogan was one of the most entertaining people on the planet!

Secret Wars #1 Forbidden Planet VariantSecret Wars #1 Forbidden Planet Variant

Everybody’s favorite cover swiper is back with another one!

Secret Wars #1 Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find VariantSecret Wars #1 Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find Variant

Another awesome rendition. It’s the little things that make it work, like the box with all the hero heads in the top left.

Archie #1 Hastings VariantArchie #1 Hastings Variant

Now see Archie makes sense with Jazz Hands!

Street Fighter Unlimited #1Street Fighter Unlimited #1

Another great one. It’s a one in ten cover and it came out a month ago but I never saw it anywhere.

G.I. Joe #224 Great Lakes Comic Con CoverG.I. Joe #224 Great Lakes Comic Con Cover

This one will be available in February. I’m going to have to try and track one of these down!


  • microchipsandsalsa

    Found a copy for $1 @ lcs…. Cha Ching!!!!!!

  • Khoi Cakes

    Love the swipes/homages. Definitely a good cover to copy.

  • Avatar

    Cool covers. Some people think that Marvel Age has the 1st appearance of the black costume.

  • Avatar

    Marvel Age or no Marvel Age, Amazing Spider-Man 252 is the first official appearance of the black costume. How in the world can there be a question pertaining to 252 or SW 8? Secret Wars 8 was out in December ’84, while 252 was out in May ’84. It’s pretty much a no-brainer. Which is why I’m also mind-boggled that Secret Wars sells for higher. I get why sometimes first appearances can be confusing, but in that case, it couldn’t be more obvious… I read these as they hit the stands, so I can tell you for sure 252 was the first appearance. In fact, ASM #251 was my first ever comic (and what started the insanity that is my comic collection today!)

    Kinda speaking of first appearances, and a book that seems really under the radar for everyone. So Amazing Spider-Man 238 is the first appearance of Hobgoblin, but what about Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #43? The first appearance of Roderick Kingsley, the man who becomes the Hobgoblin! His second appearance is in #48. I figure it has to be just a matter of time before they bring Hobgoblin to the big screen (Green Goblin has had plenty of chances!) so I’ve always wondered why this issue was still pretty under-rated…

    • Topher

      What about Marvel Team-up 141? It also came out in May of 1984. The Marvel Age issue is a prototype of the costume but the first published appearance of the black costume is in Amazing Heroes 39.

  • Masochism

    I would love to see an updated post on this set

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