Batman 608-609 Double Feature – February 2003

Batman 608/609 Hush Double FeatureWelcome back to Covers from the Unknown Ladies and Gentlemen!

This week I give you a comic that just doesn't seem to get enough love! It is the Batman 608-609 Double Feature, with a Jim Lee cover not released anywhere else! This oversized comic reprinted Batman 608 and 609, the beginning of the amazing Hush storyline. You really cannot go wrong with picking up a copy! It was released in February 2003, at the same time Batman 611 was out.

Ok, so now we are on-to the two most important items here, print run and cost! At the time, the Batman print runs were approximately 140,000. Some of this was due to the success of the Hush storyline, and it caused Batman to be the top seller and most printed comic of the year. BUT, this comic only had a print run of 9,200. Most stores did not order this. In terms of price, right now, your PC and your wallet will love you if you get a copy. Average prices are approximately $10. I do believe eventually, this comic will catch on, and some Batman completionists will want this comic.

Happy Hunting Fellas!


  • deadpool1973

    Totally agree the other cover that seems to be very low printed was 619 2nd print – nice black variant chess cover by Jim Lee. Not sure of the print run but I did hear it rumblings around only 5K made.

  • Tex Willer

    Nice cover. Speculation wise not too sure on how this would raise in value. Completionists could find this attractive but can’t think of anyone else wanting to buy it.

  • Khoi Cakes

    Nice cover, but as Tex mentioned, spec is so so. 2 things hurt it: oversized & reprint.

  • Avatar

    The Hush story arc is one of the best in Modern Batman. Only others I can think of are Court of Owls and recently Endgame. Before that what is there? Probably have to go back to Bane.
    Good thing 2nd prints don’t count as reprints? I don’t think we need to bring up how well that market has done over the past couple of years.

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