Lucy in the Sky with Sweet Teeth

Femmes Fatales of the Fantastic Varietylucy3Sometimes it’s not the main characters that make the story. Often times it’s the supporting characters. They’re like the bra of the story, and not one of those cheap ones either. I’m talking lace push up Dita Von Teese type of lingerie. And yes, I am totally aware that 99% of the readers on here are boys, and I just can’t resist educating people on good lingerie and occasionally making boys squirm. I mean, that’s what they get for giving me cooties, after all!

Sweet Tooth #4

Lucy's first appearance in Sweet Tooth #4

Any-squeeze, the leading lady this week is not one that ever gets recognition. Like, never ever. Which is strange because she is easily one of the baddest characters in comics. Her name is Lucy AKA “The Nice Lady”. She lives within the pages of one of the greatest comics ever created: Sweet Tooth. I read the first two trade paperbacks while on an airplane, and I know the smelly guy sitting next to me was creeped out. Hey, that’s what he gets for being THAT guy. Onions are not your friend, good sir.

Dubbed “Mad Max meets Bambi”, it’s a post apocalyptic tale that’s both written and drawn by Jeff Lemire, and is easily his best work. It’s centered around a human/animal hybrid named Gus, and his struggle living in a world where human beings are being killed by a virus and are birthing children who are hybrids of different animals combined with humans. He meets up with an extremely rough around the edges man named Jepperd, who becomes the boy’s protector. However, neither Jepperd, Gus, or any of the crew they pick up would survive without the backbone and mother figure of the group, Lucy.

Lucy is an old friend of Jepperd’s and agrees to come along with him. She is the victim of horrible experiments done by a scientist obsessed with researching and curing the virus that is claiming so many lives. When told nobody escapes from the scientist’s evil clutches, she reveals a stomach full of horrible scars and says, “Some do.” When having to go back to the very place where she was tortured and experimented on, she makes it a firm point to Jepperd to look for any other woman and save them. Lucy gets many opportunities to kill her abuser, but instead exercises control and chooses not to kill him in front of 9-year old Gus and the other children. She makes a point to take him into woods and do it away from the children, but decides not to.

lucyDuring a flashback, we figure out that she was a nurse who had always had a very strong willed attitude towards people and life. It is revealed that she gets kidnapped and taken to the compound where she gets experimented on, leaving behind a warm and loving home and family. Despite all she’s been through, she keeps a level head and saves Jepperd and his entire group multiple times. Fighting alongside him, it’s clear that she is an excellent fighter, and willing to do anything to keep harm from coming to the children. She takes on the motherly role, always quick to take care of someone and bring reason and peace to the group. It is apparent that Lucy is the only one who can talk sense in Jepperd, and the only one who he truly listens to. A normally cold and gruff man, he clearly cares deeply for her and thinks of her as a true friend.


If you haven’t read Sweet Tooth, do it. There are six trade paperbacks, and even though the series is over, we can still surpremely enjoy this amazing woman. She’s inspiring, she’s bad ass, and she’s a glimmer of warmth in a cold landscape a violence-ridden world.


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    Sold me on this one. I love these Femme Fatales posts. I may not reply much but I do read them. I’ve been checking out Amazing Fantasy #1 2004 edition, first appearance of Araña. I find her character interesting and with all the female superhero hype I still wonder why her first appearance is so cheap. What are your thoughts?

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