Frost, Ellie, Wong & Deathstorm

Joker ( 2008 )

The new Suicide Squad film might have slipped in Jonny Frost! Look close you will see it. He first appeared in the excellent Graphic Novel from the man who created 100 Bullets!

Joker GN

Deadpool 19 ( 2013 )

They market is jumping at the Deadpool 2099 issue this week and from what I hear stores are reporting a lot of cover problems. While this is going to make 9.8s tough to acquire there's another related comic that might be worth a look. If Deadpool’s daughter Ellie proves to be a major part of the futuristic storyline this one will get even harder to find than it already is.

Deadpool #19

Strange Tales 110

Casting details are trickling out for the Doctor Strange film. Today we learned that the master of the mystical arts will have his trusted man-servant Wong by his side! As everyone knows you can’t do battle with dark forces without a man-servant to aid you.

Strange Tales #110

Brightest Day 0 / 0b

Deathstorm is going to appear on the Flash. He’s quite an imposing figure in the comics so I am very interested to see how they will do that costume on TV. In this issue Deathstorm first appeared to Deadman in a vision of the future. He makes a first full appearance in issue 10 of this series.

Brightest Day #0 Brightest Day #0 Variant


  • Avatar

    Nice write up Topher.. what about Deadpool #33 thou.. should be a hot book as well.

  • Tex Willer

    Hi Pete,
    what’s special about #33?

  • Tex Willer

    Hi Topher,
    I can only find the Joker in HB, is that the case or shall I look a FP soft cover?

    p.s. just got the last (ebay UK) Deadpool #19

  • Topher

    Someone mentioned Deadpool 31 on G+ the other day and I believe both 31,33 are key concerning Ellie.

    Hey Tex, nice grab on Deadpool 19! I really only collect Deadpool appearances released prior to the late 90’s series but I have been trying to catch up on reading some of the books from the last decade. There’s some good stuff out there from some great writers like Way and Bunn. Personally I think someone needs to do a Hit Monkey 2099 special.

  • Avatar

    That Joker book is one to get regardless of being spec worthy. Recommended read.

  • Avatar

    Wasn’t Desthstorm in Blackest Night before Brightest Day?

    • Topher

      OK so technically Deathstorm is the Black Lantern Firestorm who I believe first appeared in Blackest Night 3. But his true intentions and transformation into Deathstorm ( whose costume is different ) occurs in Blackest Night 10. This would be Deathstorm’s first but he appears in issue 0 in a vision of the future. You might be thinking of Shadowstorm who is a clone of Firestorm but is unrelated to this character.

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