Classic Cover of the Week 1/25/16


New Week, New Covers!!

 Thrilling Comics #44

Thrilling Comics #44

Another Classic Hitler WWII cover.  One of the more sought after Alex Schomburg covers done @ Nedor.  Always a couple floating around online, and there is actually an 8.5 CBCS up for auction right now.

31 Universal CGC copies on the census with an average grade of 4.73.   2 9.4s at the top and a .5 and 1.0 at the bottom.

SHELF DATE of October 1944



Suspense Comics #8

Suspense Comics #8

One of the top  covers on the market.  Not terribly difficult to find with a handful of examples up on ebay alone.  The problem is sellers know what they have and are in no rush to sell cheap.

38 Universal copies with an average of 4.76.  The highest example being 3 copies of a 7.5 and the lowest being a single 1.5

SHELF DATE of June 1945

As always, thanks for looking, folks!

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