Silver Age War Comics

Running out of Superhero and Horror books to sink your cash into? Want to diversify your collection/investment portfolio? With lots of other options like Pre Code Horror, Pre Superhero Atlas, Four Colors, Funny Animals, Archies and more, one should consider the War Comic genre. War Comics have a huge following and the Silver Age key issues have remained steady and in an upward trend for quite some time now with few market corrections. This is not true all of the other other genres, or even superhero books. (Though PCH and Atlas have been on fire lately).Listed below is a quick explanation and then a run down of Investment worthy Key Issue War books.

Our_Fighting_Forces_Number_66_(February_1962)Before starting, it is important to note, that to most War Book collectors, Silver Age War Books consist of the “Big Five” which are the 5 main titles, all DC comics. I make one exception to this and add Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos to that list. It should also be noted, that there are quite a few books considered to be among the top ranked by War Collectors that I personally would not invest in. Certain grey/wash tone covers and minor 1st appearances or title changes are just not worth my investment dollar. Again, others disagree with this, but for me and my investment dollars, I consider the following books worthy.

Books are listed alphabetically then numerically some are far more expensive than others, but I believe all are worth looking into.

67 : 1st Gunner and Sarge
82 : 1st Johnny Cloud

GI_Combat_logo68 : Sgt Rock Prototype
69 : Classic Washtone Cover
83 : 1st Big Al, Little Al & Charlie
87 : 1st Haunted Tank
91 : 1st Haunted Tank Cover, Classic Washtone

oaaw81 : Sgt Rock Prototype
82 : Sgt Rock Prototype
83 : 1st TRUE Sgt Rock and #1 War Book of all Periods
84 : 2nd Sgt Rock,
85 : 1st Ice Cream Soldier
88 : 1st Sgt Rock Cover
90 : Partial Origin Sgt Rock
91 : 1st All Sgt Rock Issue
95 : 1st Bulldozer
128 : Origin Sgt Rock
151 : 1st Enemy Ace
168 : 1st Unknown Soldier


45 : 1st Gunner and Sarge in title
49 : 1st Pooch


1 : 1st Appearance of Sgt Fury and Howlers, #2 War Book of all Periods.
2 : 2nd Sgt Fury and Howlers
13 : Captain America Crossover, early Silver Age Cap and Bucky.


84 : 1st Mad. Marie (85, 86 and 87 are 2nd, 3rd 4th apps, borderline but gaining some steam)
90 : 1st Dino/War that Time Forgot Issue


Almost all of these issues are out there and readily available, though it might take some digging. A few a near impossible to locate and I was able acquire either through dumb luck or 2 years of searching. Our Army at War #83 is the number one War Comic of all time and is somewhat tough to find, this is understandable. Star Spangled War Stories 84, 85, 86, 87 & 90 are all extremely difficult to find for some reason and should be snatched up immediately , if the opportunity presents itself.




  • Avatar

    Great list, thanks!
    I just added Mademoiselle Marie to my list about a month ago. Very tough books to track down and they go for crazy money in low grade.

  • BigDip

    I’ve been trying to get my feet wet in this genre recently – lots of books here I didn’t know about yet. Thanks man!

  • Ben Steiniger

    Very informative…I know nothing about these…thanks Ben!

  • Ben C

    Great genre to be into fellas, though it is certainly competitive if you start chasing the higher grades. I finally finished up this run of “Keys” a year or so back. Very interesting to see what was hard to find and what I thought were bargains. I will say a handful of these have shot up even higher.

    Will also say, if you like the covers, do not limit yourself to this list, go out and explore. Tons of great washtone covers out there and deals to be had!

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