Gorilla City!!!

This week I really want to discuss the importance of DC apes but before I do there are two other books I feel compelled to mention.

Marvel Super Special 40: First Labyrinth

The death of David Bowie has already sparked interest in the man’s best work. The comic series might see more love from buyers but those are just reprints. If you really want a challenge try finding this in anything above a 9.4.

Marvel Super Special #40

Marvel Super Special #40

Captain America 25 WWLA Variant

Interest in Cap keys is starting up again and this time the rumored death of Steve is a hot topic. When this title first came out it made national headlines ( something hard to do for comic deaths these days ) and the first printing generated buzz at market. I would say it’s a good bet Steve dies so this issue is fair to speculate on. The problem-a decent print run. If you really want to take a run at flipping death try the WWLA variant with one hell of a cover.

Captain America #25 WWLA Variant

Captain America #25 WWLA Variant

Note: Other issues besides Captain America Volume 5 issue 6/6b I would bet on are:

  • Captain America Sentinel of Liberty 8, first Sam Wilson as Captain America
  • Captain America Volume 5 issue 34 ( DF Ross Variant only ): Bucky becomes Cap.


Flash 106: First appearance of Gorilla City

Though this is the first appearance of Gorilla Grodd and is already on the radars of many buyers it is also the first appearance of Gorilla City which has recently appeared in the Flash. Thanks to news from creators of the show it is likely that Gorilla CIty will play a major role in the future. This is important because we can now speculate on other residents of the city and hope that they appear.

Flash #106

Flash #106

Note: This issue is also the first appearance of Solovar


JLAv2_Cv53_ds.inddJustice League of America vol 2 53
First Malovar
Flash1_0127The Flash 127
First Boka
Legends_of_the_DC_Universe_Vol_1_19Legends of the DC Universe 19
First Gorbzil Mammit
Flash_v.2_194The Flash Vol 2 194
First Nnamdi ( Son of Solivar ) & Kamau
JLA_v.2_9AJustice League of America Vol 2 9
First Nzame

The Ultra-Humanite

Specializing is transplanting his mad genius brain into other life forms, The Ultra Humanite first appeared in Action Comics 13:

Action Comics #13

Action Comics #13

and later took over the body of Delores Winters who first appeared in Action Comics 20:

Action Comics #20

Action Comics #20

The post crisis version retained some similarity to the original as it relates to origin. He first appeared in Power Girl Volume 2 issue 1:

Power Girl #1

Power Girl #1

Other notable residents

JLAAnnual3CoverJLA Annual 3

First Ulgo


Showcase 77

First Sam Simeon. Retconned to be Grodd’s Grandson, Sam remains one of the more popular DC apes.

Wonder_Woman_Vol_3_14Wonder Woman Volume 3 14

First Tolifhar, Rhanda and the Gorilla Knights

Flash_vol_2_243The Flash Volume 2 243

First Dmeme

53776_20070529124636_largeHuman Defense Corps 2

First Dr Calomar & Dr Zaius

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