The Avengers 145 vs New Mutants 87 Case

Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a great holiday season! Going to do some New Mutant themed swipes. I’m actually shocked because I always thought New Mutants 87 was a very cool original cover. But its actually a swipe in and of itself! Read on…

Avengers #145 New Mutants #87

Avengers #145

If you look at this cover and compare it to New Mutants 87 you will see that this is the original and the first appearance of Cable is just a copy. I wonder if Liefeld knew what he was doing or this happened by accident?

New Mutants #87

I missed the boat with the New Mutants when this came out. I was such an X-Men junkie but I never liked these guys for some reason. I remember this book being huge even way back then. I was pissed I missed out on it but was happy to have a copy of Uncanny 201 with the first appearance of Baby Cable.

Youngblood #5 Cable #6 Marvel Apes Variant

Youngblood #5

Another book where good ol' Rob didn’t have to draw any feet. What more could he ask for?? Still a pretty nice swipe.

Cable #6 Marvel Apes Variant

I mentioned this cover in my Marvel Goes Ape article. I’m sure all of you remember that one…you guys all read my articles right?

Punisher #5 Transformers: Dark Cybertron #1

Punisher #5

My LCS has this book sitting in its bins but I can’t bring myself to pay the $30.00 asking price for it. I like this homage but I guess I don’t like it for $30!

Transformers: Dark Cybertron #1

This was a VA Comicon cover Liefeld did in 2013. Another great looking swipe!

Invincible Iron Man #1 X-Force #11

Invincible Iron Man #1

Another Comicon Exclusive, this one was done for New York this past year. I believe it was a Larry’s Comics exclusive but I’m not sure.

X-Force #11

I really need to read up on what Fantomex is all about. I am so behind on my reading…I need to stop buying books and start reading them!

Bad Ass #3 Reorder Cover X-Nation 2099 #3

Bad Ass #3 Reorder Cover

Another book I showed in my Bad Ass article

X-Nation 2099 #3

Is this guy a nun???

That’s all I got this week! Hope to have another great year of articles on this awesome site!

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