New Year’s Gimmicks


One book to rule the week

If you could only choose one comic book to buy from all the new comics being released this Wednesday, what would it be?

Happy new year, folks! Before we go back to our regular format, I thought I would do another one of my ranting columns (with a couple of cameos), but don't worry, there are hopefully a couple of good tips hidden somewhere below. To summarize, it seems that the first week of the 2016 brings us more of the same, though.

Marvel gives us round 3 of the Deadpool incentive variants (together with a couple of Deadpool reprints and the debuting Deadpool and Spider-Man team-up series … what? a Deadpool movie's coming? Really?), while DC comes up with their (as far as I am concerned) craziest gimmick yet: Adult Coloring Covers (Avatar fans, these are not the type of Adult covers you are thinking of, hope you didn't pre-order). If you are thinking that DC has just rebranded “black and white” covers as “adult coloring covers”, I will not blame you. The big twist here is that they will probably have colored 2nd printing covers in the rare event a 2nd printing becomes necessary.

Let's put the crazy stuff to the side and take a look at some of the comics coming out though, there are a few things to get excited about.

The Joe Kelly Ones

Spider-Man / Deadpool #1 Four Eyes: Hearts of Fire #1

I will be honest here, I like Deadpool. Wait, allow me to rephrase that, I like Joe Kelly's Deadpool and tolerate a bit of the other Deadpool stuff. Deadpool and McGuinness back on Deadpool is something I can totally get behind, with or without Spider-Man. I am really looking forward to this one and would expect it to do reasonably well in the aftermarket, even though I guess it has been ordered in huge quantities.

Don't forget about the second Four Eyes mini, though. The first one was a great read with beautiful art by Max Fiumara, so expect at least the same level of quality. Also, this one will probably be under-ordered, like the first series was (a good time to try to find those?), and will inevitably be adapted to some other media.

The Kelley Jones doing Swamp Thing One

Swamp Thing #1

Swamp Thing #1

No idea if comic readers will give this a chance, but I personally can't take my eyes off Kelley Jones' Swamp Thing. He worked on a couple of issues of the series in the 90s (#94 and a few pages of #100), then again in a couple of issues of his Batman run (#521 and #522 possibly?) and for the last time in the now classic (might be exaggerating here) Convergence event. He's just perfect for it. Hoping this is good, will get it for the art in any case!

The Putting All Your Eggs in One Basket One

1489695_xl 1510912_xl

A single comic with both Adam Hughes (Simon's pick of the week) and J. Scott Campbell variants? Must be one of Marvel's female characters! Team of female characters in this case: A-Force #1. Not much to say about this, so we turned to previous bearer of the Wednesday One, Mark H. who made his choice among the different covers for this issue:

A-Force #1 Victor Ibanez Variant Cover

A-Force #1 Victor Ibanez Variant Cover

Only book I'm grabbing this week for the off shot chance of some later success to Singularity with her ‘nemesis' Antimatter appearing. The new modern characters have potential with their worlds not fully completed yet, here's hoping this is a good addition.

The Obvious One

Howard the Duck #3 Rob Liefeld Variant

Howard the Duck #3 Rob Liefeld Variant

Pre-sales have spoken … people hate Rob Liefeld unless he's drawing anything Deadpool related.

The Greatest Cover One

Rocket Raccoon And Groot #1 Superlog Variant

Rocket Raccoon And Groot #1 Superlog Variant

A tribute to the classic Anatomical Guide to Monsters drawings and an awesome cover. Will get it if I come across it. Seems like Superlog also illustrated the manga variant for Groot #3. Might put it on my want list. This cover is a lot of fun!

The First Read One

Giant Days #10

Giant Days #10

No idea how this book become one of my favourite reads week in and week out, but it did. Got the first issue because of the cover, stayed for the great read. A lot of fun if you need a break from soap operas on steroids.

That's it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!


  • Avatar

    Marvel has literally slaughtered the dead horse with all the deadpool covers, its actually out of control at this point. When there was a point when they had maybe 1-2 kooky covers every few months it was something fun, but, we get it, hes a wacky character, he has a rivalry with spiderman and wolverine, he likes tacos, and hes not your average everyday anti hero, we. get. it. And i have a really strong inkling that the movie itself will be trash, its something that has to be done perfectly to a T, deadpool is a very specific character whos jokes have to be pulled off perfectly, and outside of the second latest batman film with heath ledger, there havent been any over the top amazing Comic films, I expect Deadpool despite the R rating to be a major flop, Marvel knows this so theyre shoving out variants as fast as they can during the initial hype – same with people on eBay with new mutants 98, over 500k print run, give me a break, those prices are all bubbles

  • Khoi Cakes

    That RR & Groot cover is amazing. Liefeld has learned how to draw feet and decent proportions. Amazing as well.

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