Conan the Barbarian #241 – July 1991

Conan the Barbarian #241

Welcome back to Covers from the Unknown!

Happy New Year’s guys and gals! Welcome back to Covers from the Unknown! This week I present Conan the Barbarian #241, with an awesome Todd McFarlane cover! Right around the #200 mark, Conan was sucking wind. Nobody cared about him, and the sales of the comic were dwindling. Just when they were about to cancel it, Marvel threw some money at some big name artists. Then for about a 10 issue stretch, starting at #241, artists such as McFarlane, Lee, Adams, and Portacio drew some covers. It did work for a short time, but at issue #275, they called it quits! But during that short time, there were some amazing covers!

There are a decent number of these for sale on the bay, and somehow they range from $1 to $100! Choose wisely and you can make some great addtions to your PC for very cheap. They are also by no-means short printed. But how do you say no to McFarlane and Conan??? Enjoy my friends!

Happy Hunting fellas!

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