Holidays in hell!


One book to rule the week

If you could only choose one comic book to buy from all the new comics being released this Wednesday, what would it be? Only your choices will make the list!

Last Week's One

Ms Marvel #2 Campbell Variant took it. Can't beat Campbell on variants or Kamala on getting those books off the shelves! This week is another slow one as we are in the holiday week, happy holidays folks, let's take a look!!


This Week's Contenders

Let's see what books are being talked about this week!


Last Gang in Town #1 (of 7)

DC Comics


Deathstroke #13

DC Comics

“Add Harley Quinn drawn beautifully on the cover and Issue 12 from last month – that's an easy 30 dollar set down the road.” – Mike S


Dark Knight Returns III #2 (of 8)

DC Comics


Venus #1

Boom! Studios


TMNT #53


“This IDW series has made so many gorgeous covers this will sit next to #29-31” – Mark H

Runners Up


Spook #1

Red 5


Wakfu #1 (of 8)

DC Comics

The Wednesday One

Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat #1

Writer: Kate Leth   Art: Brittney Williams  Cost: $3.99


GeorgePerez Variant

On slow weeks attention turns to Patsy Walker fresh off the Jessica Jones Netflix series it would seem only a matter of time till we see her take on the Hellcat name!

Don't forget to let us know your opinions, leave your comments below, come over to the forums, or CBSI to let us know. There can only be one!

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