Scrooge McDuck was created by Carl Barks in 1947 and originally made his first appearance in a comic book as opposed to most Disney creations where they were introduced in animation first. Scrooge's first appearance was essentially the personification of Ebenezer Scrooge.  Soon enough, Barks decided he would utilize him in a different way and as a result, Scrooge quickly stole the spotlight in Four Color comics. Scrooge became an adventurer and took Donald Duck and his nephews all over the globe – these stories would influence comics, movies, and animation for years to come. Carl Barks gave Scrooge McDuck a classic run through his own series and a few others.

Another notable creator to contribute to the Duck lore was Don Rosa, he took many of the qualities that made the Uncle Scrooge series special and fleshed out a lot of the background and canon for the character. Rosa's classic Life & Times of Scrooge McDuck storyline focused on the early years before the character's first appearance.

In this checklist we will be including Scrooge keys but also key issues for his supporting cast, including some hard to find books. The checklist spans from the Golden Age all the way up to modern books currently being released. The Uncle Scrooge series has run for many years with long breaks in between issues, several switches of publishers, and runs of just reprints before original material started being published again. Not all of Scrooge's key issues are listed but this is a good starting point.


mickey mouse #1ADVENTURES OF MICKEY MOUSE #1 (1931, ?)

Artist: NA Writer: NA

Juice: 1st appearance of Donald Duck in comic books. A semi-hard to find book in Good condition, it was originally published over 80 years ago and is a classic book to have in your collection because of the significance it has had in comics.

Donald Duck's adventures are one of the most popular comics around the globe and has been that way for many decades. It was made by Walt Disney and his studio! This is one that if you see it, do not hesitate to pick it up no matter what the condition – it is a piece of American history.




Artist: Al Taliaferro Writer: Ted Osborn

Juice: 1st Huey, Dewey, and Louie in comic books. The trio was created by Ted Osborne and Al Taliaferro to be comedic relief for Donald Duck and they soon became a staple for any Duck story. They first appeared in a comic strip but this is considered their first appearance in comics. Like Donald, they would follow Scrooge on most of his adventures.

Honorable Mention: WALT DISNEY’S COMICS & STORIES vol. 1 #4 (1941, Dell)

Why: 1st Huey, Dewey, Louie cover. This is a tough book to find in high-grade, most children's books will have some wear to them. This is a classic Christmas cover with Donald Duck, it is tough to find due to the age and the desirability of this particular book. Just like the previous two entries, disregard condition on books like these.


FOUR COLOR #9 (1942, Dell)fourcolor9

Artist: Carl Barks Writer: Carl Barks

Juice: 1st Carl Barks Duck story! A Golden Age classic issue and an essential in any Duck collection, this first Barks driven story would spawn decades of comics. A highly desirable book in high-grade, this will run you a pretty penny in any condition. Just as important as Scrooge's first appearance, Four Color #9 is a key issue that every collector needs in their portfolio. 

Honorable Mention: WALT DISNEY’S COMICS & STORIES #31 (1943, Dell)

Why: The beginning of Carl Barks' Duck saga, it would become his life's work and marks the beginning of a vast world filled with heroes, villains, comedy, and adventure. A must for any Barks completist!  


FOUR COLOR #29 (1943, Dell)fourcolor29

Artist: Carl Barks Writer: Carl Barks

Juice: The Mummy’s Ring is a Donald Duck story that would become a classic Carl Barks tale. Donald Duck had several key issues that had Barks at his best in art and in storytelling.  In this issue, we find our protagonist dealing in cultural artifacts which was a prominent subject in the news at the time.



(1943, Dell)

Artist: Carl Barks Writer: Carl Barks

Juice: The 1st appearance of Daisy Duck is an important issue, as she is one of the Ducks main supporting characters and a staple in Disney animation. Daisy was created by Barks as a more developed Donna Duck from a cartoon short. It was once thought that she was Donald's love interest but it turns out she is a cousin who also has three nieces… five cool points to whoever can name them! A vital character to the ongoing Duck stories, this is one character's 1st appearance that is important to own. 




(1944, Dell)

Artist: Carl Barks Writer: Carl Barks

Juice: This issue is the 1st appearance of Duckburg, USA, the city in which Scrooge, Donald, his nephews, and supporting characters reside. A minor key that isn't essential if you're collecting the Scrooge key issues but important nevertheless.

Honorable Mention: FOUR COLOR #282

(1950, Dell) 

Juice: 1st appearance of Scrooge McDuck's money bin! A staple of Duckburg and a location and constant object associated with Scrooge besides his money. Another minor key that shouldn't be too difficult to procure. 


FOUR COLOR #178 (1947, Dell)fourcolor178

Artist: Carl Barks Writer: Carl Barks

Juice: This issue is the 1st appearance of Scrooge McDuck! The title of the story is called Christmas on Bear Mountain and introduces us to Scrooge as a grumpy old duck who is the epitome of his namesake. Raw copies of this book are in the three digits no matter what grade, mid grade copies are tough to find. An essential book for any collector.

As each issue goes on, Barks develops his character from an old man to a more agile adventurer. Four Color's focus shifted from Donald Duck to Uncle Scrooge because of his popularity. 

Honorable Mention: FOUR COLOR #189 (1948, Dell)

Why: Old Castle’s Secret is this issue's name, it sports a simple but electric cover featuring Donald and his nephews with a ghost's hand floating towards them. This is also Uncle Scrooge's second appearance and is considered an essential piece in a Barks collection. In this issue we also see Carl Bark's first cover work, even early on evidence of his artistic prowess was already apparent. 


FOUR COLOR #223 (1949, Dell)fourcolor223

Artist: Carl Barks Writer: Carl Barks

Juice: Lost in the Andes is considered one of Barks' best pieces of work. A Donald Duck main issue, it carries all of the elements of a perfect comic book. Everything from the cover art, the interior art, plot and dialogue, and even the colors were all in harmony for this book. It is difficult to not include every issue in the  Carl Barks' catalogue since he gave us classic after classic. 

Honorable Mention: WALT DISNEY’S COMICS & STORIES #140 (1952, Dell) 

Artist: NA Writer: NA

Juice: Another supporting character in the Duck's repertoire is Gyro Gearloose, this issue marks his first appearance. Gearloose is Duckberg's resident genius and companion to the Ducks, a definite scoop for any Scrooge fan!



(1951, Dell)

Artist: NA Writer: NA

Juice: 1st Junior Woodchucks! It's the Duck's version of the Boyscouts and it is a staple of Huey, Dewey, and Louie's personas. Not an A list key issue but worth noting.

Honorable Mention:WALT DISNEY’S COMICS & STORIES #134 (1951, Dell)

Why: In this issue we are introduced to the Beagle Boys, one of Scrooge's main adversaries in his adventures. These guys are the Sinister Six of Duckberg, worth picking up if you are getting a collection together.


FOUR COLOR #379 (1952, Dell)

Artist: Carl Barks Writer: Carl Barks

Juice: Four Color #379 is the first Scrooge McDuck cover, a definite key issue to have! In this issue we find the main story shifting towards Scrooge McDuck. 

Honorable Mention: FOUR COLOR #386 (1952, Dell)Klondike

Why: This issue is considered as Uncle Scrooge #1 and sports an unforgettable Scrooge cover by Carl Barks. It is a sought after issue and it will cost you, find a nice mid grade copy and marinate on it. A major key in Scrooge's history.


FOUR COLOR #456 (1953, Dell)

Artist: Carl Barks Writer: Carl Barks

Juice: Back to the Klondike is yet another classic from Barks and is recognized as essential due to its contribution to the development of Scrooge's personality, it is also considered to be Uncle Scrooge #2.


FOUR COLOR #495 (1953, Dell)

Artist: Carl Barks Writer: Carl Barks

Juice:  This issue is considered Uncle Scrooge #3, all the early issues are worth picking up especially this one! 

Honorable Mention: UNCLE SCROOGE #4 (1954, Dell)

Why: In this issue we find Scrooge getting his own series with numbering starting at #4. A must have!


UNCLE SCROOGE #7 & #26 (1954, Dell)Scrooge 36

Artist: Carl Barks Writer: Carl Barks

Juice: Remember the giant boulder that chased Indiana Jones in the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark? Spielberg got that from this issue of Scrooge! A minor key with a cool back story to it. Spielberg borrowed elements from both issues #7 and #26.


UNCLE SCROOGE #15 (1955, Dell)

Artist: Carl Barks  Writer: Carl Barks

Juice: 1st appearance of Flintheart Glomgold, who is one of Scrooge McDuck's main rivals and is considered the second richest duck, which is also the name of this issue. A definite pick up for a Duck collector.

Honorable Mention: WALT DISNEY’S COMICS & STORIES #255 (1961, Dell)

Why: In this issue we find the 1st appearance of John D. Rockerduck, another Scrooge rival who gained his popularity in the European markets. A minor key worth having!


UNCLE SCROOGE #36 (1962, Dell)Whitman Duck

 Carl Barks Writer: Carl Barks

Juice: In this issue we are introduced to a long-standing adversary to Scrooge, Magica DeSpell , a sorceress that is constantly at odds with the Duck clan.  In this issue we are also introduced to a very important object in Scrooge lore… his #1 dime! A memento of Scrooge's, it is the first coin he earned.



Juice: 1st solo title for Huey, Dewey, and Louie! Not many key issues in this run but worth having the first. Their first appearance might be difficult and expensive to find so this might be a more cost-effective purchase.


UNCLE SCROOGE #179 (1980, Whitman)

Artist: Carl Barks Writer: Carl Barks

Juice: Only 200 copies are known to exist which makes this issue a grail for most Scrooge collectors. Issue #179 wasn't distributed like regular issues and was only sold in a four pack with other Whitman comics.  The print run was a lot lower than regular issues which adds to its scarcity. This is a TOUGH book, even in low-grade condition this issue is worth picking up. 

Honorable Mention: UNCLE SCROOGE #180 & #181 (1980, Whitman)

Why: These issues were part of the four packs but were more common than #179, get these if you can!

Honorable Mention: UNCLE SCROOGE #198 (1981, Whitman)

Why: Another hard to find issue at the tail end of the Whitman run, it doesn't run for crazy money but for Duck collectors this is one to have.


UNCLE SCROOGE #219 (1987, Gladstone)don

Artist: Don Rosa Writer: Don Rosa

Juice: The Son of the Sun is the 1st Don Rosa Scrooge issue. Like Barks, Rosa is considered a true voice for the Ducks and whose work is revered world-wide. Rosa began his Scrooge journey in the Copper Age and his work has continued into the Modern Age. You can purchase this issue at an affordable price and it is not too challenging to find in the wild.


DUCK TALES #1 (1988, Gladstone)

Artist: misc Writer: Bob Foster

Juice: 1st appearance of Launchpad McQuack! An essential supporting character in Scrooge's adventures in Duck Tales, he is a beloved character whose first appearance should be noted. Launchpad also went on to assist Darkwing Duck.


UNCLE SCROOGE #285-296 (1994-96, Gladstone)

Artist: Don Rosa  Writer: Don Rosa

Juice: Don Rosa's Life & Times of Scrooge McDuck storyline is THE modern Scrooge series to pick up. Rosa adds to Scrooge's backstory, all leading up to his first appearance in Four Color #178. These issues were instant classics and are still affordable, scoop them before the well dries up. IDW recently put out a collection of this storyline which includes some hard to find shorts from European publishers.


UNCLE SCROOGE #308-310 (1998, Gladstone) Uncle-Scrooge-400-Carl-Barks-Virgin-Art-Variant-Walt-Disney-350829293514

Juice: Ultra rare (estimated 4,000 copies) with a high price tag of $6.99, this deterred many collectors and as such these issues have become rather difficult to find at a cheap price.

Honorable Mention: UNCLE SCROOGE #318 (1999, Gladstone)

Why: This was the last Gladstone issue published, it had a lower print run than the rest of the Scrooge run.


UNCLE SCROOGE #400 (2011, Boom!)

Artist: Carl Barks (cover) Writer: Rudy Salvagnini

Juice: This anniversary issue has two variant covers and one is a virgin cover with a Carl Barks painting of Uncle Scrooge #1! A difficult issue to find, it doesn't sell for much but with its scarcity, it might be worth picking up a copy or two.

Honorable Mention: Donald Duck & Friends #363 (2011, Boom!)

Why: In this Donald Duck issue we are treated to another virgin variant cover by Carl Barks and, just like Scrooge #400, it is a pain to find in the wild. Copies of this book do not exist!


DUCK TALES #1 (2011, Boom!) SDCC Variant DuckTales1SDCC2011

Artist: Leonel Castellani & Jose Massarolli 

Writer: Warren Spector

Juice: This con exclusive is very difficult to find and when you do, expect to pay a high price for it. It was a Boom! San Diego Comic Con exclusive in 2011 and the cover art was an homage to the NES game of the same name.

The print run for this variant exclusive was 500 and it became a jewel in the rough, slowly gaining steam over the years. Finding a NM copy will be difficult, the black cover does not hide any blemishes. The highest graded copy is a 9.6, a true 9.8 will go for $$$.


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