I'm not sure how many people this week noticed, but Marvel released an all-new #1 for Squadron Supreme. Needless to say if you haven't read it, it has a major scene and death inside its pages. I won't spoil it for anybody who hasn't read it yet, but it's quite surprising who dies. He is a major Marvel character.

The Squadron Supreme is a group of characters based loosely on the DC's Justice League. The two main characters are Hyperion (Superman) and Nighthawk (Batman).

The 1st appearance of Hyperion in Marvel Comics was Avengers #69 as Zhib-Ran where he is a member of the Squadron Sinister. The universe where he comes from is called Inter-dimensional Space. His next introduction as Mark Milton occurred in Avengers #85, this universe is Earth-712. There was another Milton version of Hyperion that made an appearance in Exiles #38. Here he is named King Hyperion in this arc, and is powered to the max. The last Hyperion to be introduced was by Jonathan Hickman in Avengers Vol.5 #1, where his name was changed to Marcus Milton. This is the one most people are familiar with. He joined the Avengers in this issue and was a prominent member of the team for many issues and important arcs. Marcus was from Earth-1304………yeah, I know confusing as hell. Thanks Marvel. 

This is where we get back to the Hyperion from now. He is Marcus Milton and he has made it back to Earth-606 after whatever happens at the end of Secret Wars. He rejoins Squadron Supreme and decides a “certain someone” needs to be punished for his past deeds. I find the character to be very interesting. Technically his 1st appearance is in Avengers #69, but to be honest, the character in today's Marvel is vastly different and I personally think Avengers Vol.5 #1 and some of its variants are going to be his go-to books down the road. Marvel obviously has big plans for Hyperion and the Squadron Supreme based off the events this past week. I personally think this character might be worth investing a few bucks into.


detail Avengers_Vol_1_85 Avengers_Vol_5_1_(new) Exiles_Vol_1_38


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