Marvel has set the standard and now companies like DC, Valiant and even Hasbro are going to try and tap the cash cow that is a successful cinematic universe. The key word here though is successful because even though Marvel has made a ton of money there is no guarantee that other companies have that capability.

Some of these comics are repeats from past articles but due to the announcement they deserve a second look!


I would say the toy release mini comic set is the hardest to find and also the first appearance of M.A.S.K., V.E.N.O.M. and Matt Trakker who is slated to appear in the next G.I. Joe film.


Justice League 242 and Action Comics 573 each hold previews for the regular series from 1987.


Myself and some others have recently mentioned the importance of issue 1. My interest is in Baron Karza and his first appearance.. If you like collecting the firsts of villains I suggest reading this if you haven't yet done so. Karza is basically a mad, genocidal bio-engineer who transcends the confines of his own organic body and exists as a purely energetic being encased in alien armor. If that doesn’t interest you then check back with me next time when I discuss what slabbed My Little Pony comics you should be investing the rent money in.

Issue 1 is also the first appearance of many other key characters like Acroyear, Time Traveler, Bug etc. At this point I am not even sure what Hasbro can and cannot use as Marvel owns the rights to some of this stuff.

Micronauts #1

Micronauts #1

Other recommended issues:

The last issue of the second series is really hard to acquire in NM.

Micronauts: The New Voyages #20

Micronauts: The New Voyages #20

Micronauts 25 ( The origin of Baron Karza )

Micronauts #25

Micronauts #25


Rom the Spaceknight is one of my favorite Marvel Comics and the fact that it is included in the announcement from Hasbro is astounding. If you have yet to read this series do it now! His first appearance is here and I suggest the newsstand simply because a higher grade copy will make for a more difficult hunt. Issue 75 was the last issue ( rare ) and this issue of Power Man & Iron First is Rom’s first appearance outside of his own title.

G.I. Joe

Other than issue 21 and 155 I see no reason to discuss these comics. Joe books were massively overprinted and even key issues are plentiful. Past movies were not well received and the market was not affected in any positive way as a result. Issues 21, 155 and even other later issues ( 140-154 ) do well based on the limited availability of the titles but I wouldn’t waste funds on many of these books.


Only children of the 80’s will remember these long forgotten toys. I often used them as a slave army for Cobra Commander or traded the holographic staffs to classmates for X-Men comics I couldn’t get me hands on. Now I’m thinking that was a mistake. The earliest appearance is here…

tumblr_n0srtaveoG1rtuqolo1_1280and the first comic appearance is in issue 1 of the 6 issue series. I find it interesting that a property with such limited releases is going to be integrated into a live action universe but seeing these guys on a live screen is going to be interesting whether they prove to be incredible or really, really bad.

Issue 6 is going to be a tough one to find. At this time Marvel was cancelling a lot of titles and the print run on this one is low. I’m not sure if the series was meant to continue but the Visionaries haven’t done much since.

and here is the first appearance outside of the US.

Transformers (UK) #183

Transformers (UK) #183


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