Supergirl 37 – March 2009

Supergirl #37Welcome back ladies and gentlemen! Thanks for checking back once again!

Today's episode brings you Supergirl #37, from the 2009 series. This story continues the introduction of Superwoman storyline, where Lucy Lane takes up the mantle. Yes, it is the same Lucy Lane, as in the Supergirl tv series. Will she become Superwoman? It's anyone's guess right now, but with the Martian Manhunter surprise this past week, I have no reason not to believe she will not show up in costume. She already has a love triangle storyline built in. I really do love the cover by Josh Middleton.

This book is already a $10+ book, and can be found on the bay right now. When Lucy Lane did show up, her first appearance in #35 started to see some movement, so if/when Superwoman shows up, I expect that one and #37 to start to move. Mix in all black cover to this one, and you have a powder keg to find in great shape. Also to note, Supergirl was only printing about 30k at the time, so it's not a huge number in Superman-land. Go grab one or two, you may be happy you did. Happy Hunting fellas!

Ok, one more note. I had my article all written up yesterday, and then Mike Jensen broke my comic on the CBSI forum! For those who didn't see it, it was DC Direct Current #57, the first preview of Doomsday, before MOS 18 hit the stands! Great job Mike!

Have a great week amigos!

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