Ms Marvel #25 / Captain Marvel #4 – Retailer Incentive Connecting Variants

   ms marvel 25cap mar 4

MS. MARVEL #25 (vol. 2, 2008) CAPTAIN MARVEL #4 (vol. 6, 2008)



Artist: Terry Dodson (covers) Writer: Brian Reed

Why: 1:10 connecting variant covers, Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel

Juice: These two issues were published in March 2008 and released as a Retailer Incentive variant, the ratio was 1:10 with each issue averaging 4,000* copies each. The storyline is part of the Secret Invasion which included the Fantastic Four's classic villains, the Skrulls.

Both issues have been slowly drying up on eBay and other online retailers, they aren't selling for much but the fact that they are becoming harder to find is usually a sign of a book that is starting to heat up. There are a few reasons to pick these issues up: Captain Marvel/Ms. Marvel connecting covers, you can't lose there. Terry Dodson cover art! This is by far one of his best Marvel covers and seemingly hardest to come by.

Marvel's Captain Marvel movie is coming at the end of the decade so there is still time to start picking up variants now while they are cheap. These issues have plenty of potential so let them marinate – if they are starting to be difficult to find now, imagine what it will be like in four years time.

Print Run: 4,000 of each issue (estimate)*

eBay Completed Raw Sales: Ms. Marvel #25 has been pretty scarce with the last two copies selling for $15 and under $10! Captain Marvel #4 seems to demand more money with recent sales ending at $20 and under.

eBay Completed Graded Sales: There has been only one graded sale recently, a 9.8 set sold for $220 OBO. Upon reviewing the CGC census, there are only 11x Ms. Marvel #25 9.8's and only 14x Captain Marvel #4 9.8's. Those are pretty decent numbers for both issues, it shows there is interest and that collectors/retailers are holding on to them.

Flip/Marinate: Marinate! These books have plenty of room for growth, the movie is a few years off so it is a perfect time to stock up.


Terry Dodson also did the cover art for Avenging Spider-Man #9 (2012) which is the first appearance of Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel! There is also Ultimates #1 (2015) 1:25 variant with a Captain Marvel cover.


*print run estimate numbers from


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