Superman: Man of Steel Vol 1 #18 (1992) DC Comics

We will be looking at what has happened to the market in the week following the announcement of the #1 book. Trends, listings, and sales prices will be tracked from the perspective of both raw and the highest CGC graded books.

As every comic book investor has seen, a good trailer brings a huge groundswell of response. The trailer featured a couple of nice shots of Doomsday and the resulting demand for this mass-produced comic has been off the charts. In my personal opinion, they should have kept Doomsday under wraps – it would have been very nice treat for moviegoers. I am sure investors love it because the books they have been hoarding for the last couple of months are flying off of eBay.



As of 12/7/15, there are 284 active listings on eBay!!! Prices range from $25 raw to $12,000 for a CGC 9.9 OBO on eBay.



Sales exceeding over 100 listings flew off of eBay in a week. This is a new record for the 7 Days Later Column!

There have been over 100 completed auctions since 12/1/15 with the overwhelming majority of them being graded sales. Everyone who held onto these is getting them out and striking the iron while it is hot. A sold listing for a raw 4th printing went for $107 and a 9.8 CGC SS by Louise Simonson went for $255.

Market Analysis (Last Week)

Superman Man of Steel #18 (1- 4th printing)

image00 (1)

Superman Man of Steel #18 (5th printing)


As you can see from the graph above, a last week view shows significant increase in this book in sales. Obviously, the trailer has made mass strides in this book gaining momentum. I think after the Batman vs. Superman movie debuts, we will see this book revert back to its normal prices again. Doomsday lovers will get a chance to see him on the big screen and I believe it will be their only chance. He will fade back into the DC Universe as quickly as he came.

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  • Avatar

    Will there be a follow up for #17?

  • Topher

    The comic market is nuts, if 17 is the first Doomsday then Web 18 is the first Venom.

  • Santos

    MoS 17 has always sold for more than MoS 18…perhaps due to being more “rare”

  • Avatar

    MoS #19 3rd printing is the rarest of them all. I’ve seen maybe a dozen on ebay in the past year.

    • Topher

      Do you believe it to be more rare than the DC Universe upc 5th print for 18?

      • Avatar

        I can only say by observation. But I’ve been following these listings closely. There are probably around 10 copies of #18 5th printing on ebay for every 1 copy of #19 3rd print. And the 5th print of 18 is somewhat rare.

        • Avatar

          Yeah, I agree that 19 III is truly a ghost. I’ve been going Doomsday heavy for a year and you just don’t see them. Most people don’t know that it exists. I wonder how much of that is because there has never been much of a market for 19 other than as part of a 17 thru 19 set, or that people aren’t even checking their copies, or bothering to list for sale since the first print is so bountiful and cheap. I got lucky and found Adventures of Supes 497 III for a buck at the last con, and it’s flawless. I checked the census and there is only 1 9.8. The question is, does anyone even care enough to have a slabbed copy? I guess to bump the census to 2 it may be worth it. People (like myself!) like rare stuff.

          • Avatar

            There are a gazillion #19 1st prints out there. But I think you’re right that it hasn’t been seen as much of a key since #17 and 18 have that locked (even though #19 has Doomsday on the cover and out of that suit).

            But it is indeed rare, seemingly like 497 3rd print, and now I have to have one too!

          • Nick Lauersdorf

            Whenever MOS 19 3rd print comes up online, it’s almost always 9.6-9.8 from what I can see in the scans. They are uncommon online, but I tend to see a decent number in person and have picked them up. It doesn’t come up much online because it usually sells for $10-$15 including shipping and at that point, it’s not really worth selling.

  • Topher

    I love rare keys but Im just not sure 19 is that. I now want a 3rd print for my collection though!

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