‘Mazing Man #12 – June 1986

Mazing_Man_12_00Happy Friday everyone and welcome back to Covers from the Unknown!

Thank you for once again checking back with us!

This week I am going to jump on the Batman and Dark Knight train. With that I give you ‘Mazing Man #12, from DC, June 1986. A Frank Miller cover featuring the Dark Knight and Carrie Kelly! Is it a great cover? Not exactly. Is it a good cover? Sure! But here are some cool tidbits about this. It is quite possible this is Carrie Kelly's 2nd appearance. After her first appearance in the Dark Knight Returns, this comic fits right into the timeline of what could possibly be her 2nd appearance.

This comic also has a much lower print run than any of the Dark Knight Returns comics. Especially if you are trying to find these in high grade conditions. I have no doubt that you can find these in $1 bins, but I am sure they will be beat up pretty good. These are on ebay and a few other online shops, all being very cheap for now. With Carrie being front and center of DKIII right now, and a cool Miller cover, you may want to grab one or two. Sooner or later, people may want Carrie Kelly appearances, and this one will be on their radar. Go get them! Happy Hunting Fellas!


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